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2y ago
- When entering the building you're hit with a sense of enchantment incomparable to any other car factory.
- This is the factory where it all started. When I visited Pagani Automobili they where in the process of moving most of the operations to their new building.
- Yours truly sharing thoughts with Horacio Pagani and Luca Venturi, who sometimes acted as a interpreter as Horacio prefers to talk Italian.
- The attention to detail is astounding. Every part of carbon fiber has to align perfectly. Even if it's going to be covered by paint in a later stage.
- Here's where the magic happens. In the Autoclave carbon fiber components are left to bake for several hours.
- The atmosphere is relaxed, albeit everybody is fully focused to deliver perfection.
- About 4.700 components and 1.200 bolts go into making a Huayra.
- Handwriting is something you'll see often in the factory. It has been known that Horacio walks around the factory at night, writing remarks on parts.
- The 730 hp bi-turbo V12 and most of the electronics of the Huayra is specially made by AMG for Pagani.
- The chassis without it's bodywork is still a feast for the eyes.
- This is the first ever right-hand drive Huayra being build. Note the climate control tunnels integrated within the construction.
- Interior components look more like jewelry than interior car parts.
- Quality control is as comprehensive as if it is a lunar lander.
- When ready for shipping, all components are carefully covered in protective foil.
- The Pagani Huayra was first revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.
- It has arguably the best cabin design ever.

It's a very special place, where artisans create one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

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  • I am more into vintage cars but Pagani stands out by truly being in Modenese tradition of edgy craftmanship at the highest level ! They still need to go to car racing to reach the status of the big names who made car history (including the legendary McLaren F1) and they may need to refrain some of their US buyers who look for very flashy liveries.

      4 years ago
  • Thanks Miles and Иван!

      4 years ago
  • Masterpiece!

      4 years ago
  • Very good and quick in sight into Pagani

      4 years ago