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  • Don't worry. FCA/Stellantis. It'll roast itself. Give it time.

      4 months ago
  • Despite my pessimism, I'm so ready for FCA/Stellantis vehicles to outpace expectations—it'd sure be fun to start reading nothing but great stories about the brand. My hopes may be dashed but that's yet to be seen.

    When the little KL Cherokee was new, I didn't love the looks of it (and worried about the reliability) but it's looks have grown on me over time and now I rather like it.

    So, cheers to your Cherokee! I hope it serves you well! 🍻

      4 months ago
  • I like it. The little Cherokee’s are actually pretty capable and fun off road and comfortable on the road as well. Kudos Sir. You certainly could have done worse. Did you see that horrific gold plated Tesla? 😳

      4 months ago