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Have Red Bull Lost The 2021 F1 Title?

2021 F1 Championship

5d ago

Two races left to wrap up the 2021 F1 championship and it's not looking good for Red Bull Racing. The momentum swung towards Mercedes in Brazil and carried on to Qatar. In addition, Red Bull were down on power and overall package compared to Mercedes at the past two Grand Prix.

The lack of performance can be justified due to Mercedes straight-line speed, a new power unit, and Lewis being on form since Brazil 2021. Despite that disadvantage, Red Bull managed to close the gap on Mercedes in the constructors' title to only 5 points.

Credits to Mercedes, they knew how to play their cards very well. And that's why they are multiple champions and have been dominating the sport for a while. They brought in subtle upgrades to the car that gave them that performance advantage. In addition, they didn't give up on their car design philosophy. They kept tweaking the aero package to make the low rake design work for them. And lastly, they knew when to pull out the new Power Unit card. They have two engines for Lewis to use, and one of them is in tiptop shape.

The upcoming two races are heavily straight-line speed dependent. Which doesn't favor Red Bull on paper. However, this season has been full of unpredictability and surprises. So expect the unexpected.

With only two races left, all to play for. Red Bull need a strong weekend, ideally a win and both of their drivers to finish above Bottas to clinch the constructors' title. It's easier said than done, yet, this means Red Bull still have a chance despite the great performance disadvantage.

Do you think Red Bull lost the 2021 F1 title already? or the underdog still got an opportunity on merit? What do you think? Comment below so we can discuss.

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  • If they’d retained Ricciardo they’d have already wrapped up the 2021 constructors title. Favouring Max over the team has cost them at least one Constructors title and possibly a Drivers title as well.

      5 days ago
    • 🤔🤔🤔

        5 days ago
    • That’s got you thinking. Ricciardo was already dialled into the team and the car, he showed consistent pace and delivered podiums.

      With Bottas’s inconsistent weekends and general run of bad luck both in 2020 and 2021 Redbull should have...

      Read more
        5 days ago