Have they lost their minds?

I read somewhere that renault has decided not to produce the clio rs16 and i find this rather mind boggling. This really is a missed opportunity.

Earlier this year Renault revealed the Clio RS16 project which certainly set tongues wagging, including my own. One of the highlights for me was that this car had what the current Renault Sport Clio hasn't - a manual gearbox. Why Renault didn't give an option of a manual gearbox is beyond me. I believe that's one of the reasons why the Fiesta ST has been judged as the best small hot hatchback at the moment. That and it's simply wonderful.

I can't believe this isn't making production!

I can't believe this isn't making production!

We're getting a bit off topic though - back to the cancelled RS16. As well as having a manual gearbox, it had the same shock absorbers as the Megane Trophy R and a 2.0 litre engine which produces 275bhp. Plus it looks fantastic with that bodykit and styling package!

So why has the project been cancelled? Well the car would be made at the same plant that will be making the new Alpine sports car, a car which is a big for Renault and as a result this will be the main focus for the French brand. Although I can understand this I really think Renault has missed a massive opportunity here... Oh well, I'm sure Ford and Volkswagen won't be mad...

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