Have you ever owned a G-Shock 5600?

I’m gonna have to admit I haven’t

Here’s the perfect recipe for a product that’ll make you rich. First, you need a well-known brand - like G-Shock for example. Then you need a clothing brand with a cool name that makes it sound like they’re in entirely different business altogether - like ‘Daily Paper’. Then it’s paramount that your product has a name with an ‘X’ in it. There you go: introducing the G-Shock X Daily Paper.

When I first learnt about the existence of this watch my first question was “what/who is Daily Paper?”. As it turns out, Daily Paper (for some reason I‘m tempted to call it *The* Daily Paper) is an Amsterdam-based streetwear company.

G-Shock took their most popular model - the DW-5600 - and then they added the Daily Paper logo right above the digital screen, on the case back and the rubber band. The result is quite cool. Even though, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it’s worth the extra cash they’re asking for it.

A standard DW-5600 costs anywhere between 80 and 100 euros (around the same in $ and £), while this is priced at €149.

Spec-wise, the DW-5600Daily21comes in with the same features as any other 5600 - a world time function, alarms, 20 bar water resistance and a chronometer.

The 5600 is G-Shock’s flagship piece. It basically started the brand and over the last 38 years, Casio has introduced about a million different variants. What do you think of this one?

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Comments (26)

  • Am a proud owner of a 5600. Has been with me for around 5 years

      29 days ago
  • The cross branding is worthless to me .

      27 days ago
  • You are on a roll, Alessandro.

    You are covering some legendary pieces.

    First the Citizen NY0040, now the G-Shock DW5600. 👍

      28 days ago
  • Agree with useless cross branding. Wore a g shock in the 80’s… loved it but cannot remember why I stopped buying them.

    I think I’ll buy another, they were the most bulletproof watches I’ve experienced

      25 days ago
    • They absolutely are. Most people are obsessed with the GA2100 (Casioak) and its spin-offs. I’m personally partial to the GA2000

        25 days ago
  • No, I would not spend the extra money on one of those “collaboration specials”, there is no value in that.

    I’d rather spend that extra cash on a GW-M5610 (around 100€) or a GW-B5600 (around 130-150€) instead of the standard DW5600.

    That way you get Tough Solar, Multiband 6 and even Bluetooth connectivity (GW-B5600 only)

    So you get a self-charging, self adjusting, shockproof, waterproof, light, comfortable watch with a truly timeless design.

    Basically the only watch you would ever need.

    I own the stealth model with the unique combi bracelet, made from resin and steel.

    It was my first 5600, and a try out for the GMW-B5000 full steel version, which is truly an awesome watch.

    It was launched in 2018, to celebrate 35 years of the iconic G-Shock brand.

    There are a lot of people who won’t buy a G-Shock because of the mostly oversized cases, they could try on a “square G” , they wear quite discrete.

      29 days ago
    • G-Shock is releasing a new piece every 45 seconds these days. The GA2000 is still my favourite (for now)

        27 days ago