- Hero image by: Chris Breeden. Text by: Chris Breeden. Errors by: (you guessed it!) Chris Breeden Video post-production by: Joe Breeden (Just making sure you're paying attention!)

Headed to the Redneck Rumble Video!

Hop in and we'll cruise up to the show! (You got gas money, right?)

1y ago

Join in as we head out, in the early morning fog to one of the best Custom Culture shows in the U.S.! Held every September, the Redneck Rumble fall show, is one of the best in the area! Anyway, the motors running, lets go!

Be sure and check back for updates, as we can get them out, to you all! If today is an indicator of tomorrow's action, I'm not sure how we are gonna get it all out in one day! Keep on Cruisin'!

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Art by: Chris Breeden

Art by: Chris Breeden

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Comments (10)

  • How much to ride behind the tractor?? Great Video, thanks Chris! Looking forward to more.

      3 years ago
  • That starts out slow, but gets gets better. Loved all of those chevy trucks.

      3 years ago
    • There was a bunch of them. Be sure and check back because I'll be posting more pictures of this event this week!

        3 years ago
  • This is so cool! Nice vid dude

      3 years ago
  • Nice work on the video Chris! It's like I'm there...

      3 years ago
    • Thanks, Ben! Full credit goes to my brother!

        3 years ago
    • I see you figured out the fender mount. That looks great and generally makes a great into for an event.

        3 years ago