Heads Up Aston Martin and AUTOart Fans!

I am selling my mint condition Vulcan!

38w ago

Greetings DriveTribe diecast fans! Like many of you, I am a big diecast enthusiast. Also, like many of you I am sure, I am in that position of having found a new model I really want. But, because my parents aren't willing to fund this one (hate it when that happens!) and I don't have enough cash on my own, I have decided to offer one of my prized models - a mint condition AUTOart Aston Martin Vulcan - for sale to the DriveTribe community so that I will be able to purchase my new favorites.

I love my Aston Martin Vulcan. It is in perfect condition - so no scratches, dents, broken parts, etc. All of the manufacturers' packaging is included so you will get the styrofoam display stand, the smooth paper underneath the car to keep it from scratching, the AUTOart box, and AUTOart branded door/hood opener.

If you are genuinely interested, please contact me directly via DriveTribe's private messages. Here is a gallery of AUTOart's Vulcan.

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Comments (2)

  • I want it, but i am very sure everyone else in the house will disagree 😂

      8 months ago
  • She’s a beauty

      8 months ago