Hear it roooaaaarrr

    - I can't seem to get the hang of this.

    I tried one of these Bike Start things before and it didn't go well when I cut my head off in the framing. This time though......well I'm a Fob Jockey

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    • Hear me roar "meow"

        3 years ago
    • Hope it doesn't take too long to fix. ...Clocks go forward next weekend! Tick tock...

        3 years ago
    • I heard the roar loud and clear hammond ;) a silent roar that is

        3 years ago
    • That sucks. Hopefully it's a quick fix. I'm hoping to avoid similar disappointment when I attempt to work on my bike for the first time this weekend. Wishing us both luck.

        3 years ago
      • Good luck

          3 years ago
      • Thanks. I'm one of those people you hate. A complete motorcycle newbie. Not learning until I'm 34 years old. Been thinking about it a long time, but you and James finally convinced me to have the courage to do it. You only have yourselves to...

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          3 years ago
    • I'm not a bike guy and I don't get a single thing, but all that enthusiasm and then not being able to start it made me laugh...

        3 years ago


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