HEART STOPPER. Republica Motocicletas’ ‘Bypass’ Honda XR 250

2w ago


The team at Republica Motocicletas don’t struggle to find business. The Argentinian workshop has belted out over 30 motorcycles in their short time on the scene and they can’t keep up with the amount of orders coming in. Why? Well, it’s because they create rides like this, a killer 2013 Honda Tornado 250 dubbed the ‘Bypass’.

Republica is a prime example of one of the best things that can happen when mates get together. Initially founded by childhood friends Carlos Sartor and Franco Loson, the shop has since expanded to take in a whole coterie of like-minded buddies, including Mauro Sartor and Lucas Versellone. And they’ve been steadily pushing out projects since.


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