Heartbeat: Duel at the Nurburgring!

the young GT-R hits his elder out of the track, how the Impreza driver will react to this?

it was a quiet night at the Nurburgring, Arubaro the racer that had conquered the Mountain pass of sierra 4 years ago back at the speed festival awaited for the green light to turn green, his friend Dino on the R32 GT-R awaited as well, this night Dino would get to race Sarah Giuseppe, a famous touring car racer that had challenged him on her favorite racetrack, Arubaro however didn`t trust this offer and told Dino he was Tagging alongside him, he remembered that heated discussion with Sarah when he made a women joke that offended her, he knew that he couldn`t trust this unexpected challenge to be clean judging by how heated she got over it, something inside him told him that despite being known as a clean racer Sarah would be lawless on this challenge.

Dino Impatiently waited for the green light to lit, the RB26DETT of the R32-GT-R growled impatient,without a second to loose the lights switched on and the race began, all 3 cars made it trough the first turn swiftly with Dino leading the race, meanwhile Arubaro watched calmly from his driver seat how the R35 tailgated him on his rearview mirror, altough he didn`t want to race Sarah he still wanted to see himself how hard it would be now to keep up with Dino, he wouldn`t even fight with Sarah when it came to let her pass since the race was with Dino & her, so far Dino had managed to get 1 car of distance ahead of him, a pretty big one considering their level of racing.

Arubaro gave way to Sarah who was getting impatient behind him, looking at the next double corner in front of him Arubaro smiled knowing that this duel would be interesting to see, the 4 round lights of the R35 GT-R now shining on his windshield while he could see the R32 brake lamps lighting up for the next corner, he braked swiftly and looked at the GT-R approaching the rear bumper of Dino.


Suddenly the eyes of Arubaro widened as dinner plates, he heard nothing but his accelerated heartbeat and the sound of metal colliding with one another with tire screeching on the background The R35 of sarah had hit hard Dino from behind making the R32 of Dino lose control, the GT-R R32 hit the wall of tires finishing his race, Dino furious shouted before finishing rolling, his race had just ended here ... Sarah had just thrown him out of the track.

"Arubaro, give her a lesson!" He managed to say on the radio of his car before he saw the lights of the Impreza getting lost in the distance.

"Bitch!" Arubaro shouted angrily without hearing Dino through the radio of his car, the EJ257 of his Impreza howled as he put the high beams on, he had VERY clear that a Amateur Touring car pilot who had been severely angry at the bar that night was not going to humiliate one of the few pilots that was able to match him on his home mountain pass, feeling tense inside of his own body he pressed on the accelerator as the elusive GT-R started to pull away in the corner, this race had just become heated.

In the GT-R of Sarah she looked back at the Impreza right behind her, She knew that her car would easily beat the Impreza of Dino`s friend, His car had no more horsepower than hers, let alone the advanced onboard computers that made sure her GT-R never understeered or oversteered and if it wasn`t enough it was engineered by Nismo... the Nurburgring was home to her car, the Impreza out of his rally territory would easily loose to the GT-R.

The GT-R is ahead!! "A person shouted looking at the monitor of the van, Dino slightly battered by the collision sustained back there looked at the monitor, the advantage that Sara had achieved was very large on that straightway, both cars had long since left the first corner section of the Nurburgring towards the high speed section in which the Impreza had no hope of catching up to the GT-R

"Please friend, stay calm…" Dino said to himself while looking at the camera aboard the Impreza of Arubaro ... he recognized that driving style, he knew perfectly well that his friend was furious at that intentional crash on Sarah`s part, he witnessed that driving style back on the time attack practice at the racetrack of sierra, specially when he forced to the grass a alpine A110 that was constantly blocking him nearly getting disqualified out of the practice session.

“It won`t be fair if I just leave him in the dust…” she grinned looking at the rearview mirror, the distant headlights told her that defeating Dino with a quick & swift crash wouldn’t be enough, she would make sure to look good to her fanbase by defeating Arubaro cleanly and brag over it on instagram, however she fully accelerated since it wouldn`t be entertaining letting a slower car have the honour of keeping up with her beloved GT-R.

sarah braked on the corner despite not wanting to accelerate much earlier she anyway stepped fully on the trotthle fully changing the previous decision she had made as it was boring to go a little slower on race in order to have a pursuer right behind her .

A squealing of tires in schwedenkreuz surprised her, she looked quickly behind trough the rearview mirror. A lone pair of headlights appeared on the distance behind her, her arrogance had now turned into fear as she realized this race wouldn`t be easy as she tought it would be.

"It's getting closer... the STI is getting closer... that`s Impossible!" Sarah thought nervously as she looked at the Impreza, was it the gentle downhill slope that had allowed the Impreza to approach her GT-R or was it that Arubaro had deliberately concealed the power of his car by accelerating very little at the start of the race?

cursing under her teeth she kicked the brakes hard, realizing that she had almost passed the braking point of aremberg, the disks screeched as she braked hard and turned the wheel, swiftly the Impreza glided across the turn and was now facing the rear of her GT-R, not right behind her but still close enough for her to feel the pressure.

"Wow...that car looks out of control, like is it going to spin out..." Arubaro tought as he smoothly came out of the corner right behind her, on his chest he felt pressure of anger waiting to be transmitted to his car, anger let out towards his feet & arms towards chasing after the GT-R.

"I...can`t shake him..." she tought seeing the upcoming corners coming at her fast as in a rollercoaster, she didn`t undertand how a small 2.0L turbo 4cyl boxer could keep up with her V6 Twin turbo on the nurburgring that required a lot of horsepower, and the corners weren`t exactly tight enough for him to catch up.

"Ok...this is gonna be tough..." Arubaro said to himself trying to relax, he looked at the rpm of his car going up as the GT-R pulled away a little from his Subaru, the proof that his technique of not using the brakes too much had worked was that Sarah had driven over the kerbs in the section of continuous corners in fuchsröhre trying to earn some time back for herself, the next corner after the gentle uphill to the right would be adenaur forst, the chance he would wait for in order to overtake Sarah, he knew that she would have to brake a lot more than him to be able to make it trough the turn,Preparing for the impending disaster Arubaro released the accelerator and took the outside of the corner to prepare, he had noticed that the GT-R had entered too fast in that corner.

"Cazzo...what a beast" the italo-brasilian pilot Dino said as he spotted the new probable outcome of the race, Arubaro No longer was far away from Sarah`s GT-R and was steadly catching up to her car, his faith of him defending his pride was now restored,but he still knew that he had to step up his game.

"Shit..!" Sarah screamed inside herself as she looked at the Incoming uphill corner to the left, desperate to avoid this mistake her accelerator quickly was lifted and the brakes slammed instead, The furious Twin turbo V6 of the GT-R whined as the car slowed down, the brakes screeched furiously as the corner approached fast, Sarah whined a bit under her teeth as the corner approached her car too fast for her liking

"NO...!" Sarah panicked as she realized there was no correction to this mistake, as she felt the wheels squeal against the asphalt, her brakes glowing red hot fought to slow down the heavy GT-R but it was not enough, the outer wheels of her car drove ontop of the bricks that were slightly damp by that cold night in Nuremberg, the Heavy GT-R lost traction despite the computers making a thousand calculations to prevent the unexpected oversteer, disaster was served.

"not good ..." Arubaro thought as he braked on the corner, turning gently he noticed how his car was leaning to the right by the effect of G force, in front of him the disaster unveiled as the Heavy R35 spun out on the corner, both cars had no way out of this crash.

"Please dodge me, don`t hit me!" Sarah begged for herself as she watched the impreza quickly approaching the out of control GT-R already entering the corner, Arubaro noticed his heart beating against his chest as he watched the GT-R spin in slow motion, braking his Subaru he turned the steering wheel to the left and hit the brakes strongly, noticing how his Impreza began to drift Arubaro pointed the front of his car to the grass in a desperate attempt to avoid the GT-R that was loosing control, if he crashed this revenge would be over for both drivers.

"Porra! Por que pouco!" Dino shouted spitting his drink out into the asphalt as he noticed the Impreza managing to dodge the GT-R out of control, he still couldn`t believe what his eyes just had witnessed.

the slivers of grass jumped into the air while the squeal of tires didn`t stop, Dino remembered that overtaking on the famous "L" curve at Sierra in which Arubaro intentionally drove on the dirty part of the asphalt and braked hard to cause oversteer in his Impreza, not only he got passed on the outside and reverted to the inside in one swift maneuver, it felt like a taunt.

The GT-R stopped spinning and made it trough the corner facing the right direction, with the Impreza now leading the race, Arubaro looked behind and looked at the lights of the R35 Right behind him, it was clear now that he would be the one being pursued, he knew that no matter what happened, he would have to leave Sarah behind on the long straight before Metzgesfeld, otherwise he would likely get passed there and forget about passing her again before the continous downhill corner section, no matter if his impreza was considerably faster on the corners thanks to being light-weight and having a better midrange acceleration he knew this oportunity to win was the one he needed to avenge the only driver that could truly push him to the limits.

his wishes unfortunately were not heard, although the advantage he gained was quite large the powerful GT-R recovered from the spin & picked up the pace in a matter of seconds and now threatened to overtake him again, Sarah smiled as she entered the Metzgesfeld corner, her chance to return to her first position appeared before her, all she would need is the short straight and take the inside, just enough to leave that punny 4cyl boxer on the dust.

"If I don`t teach a lesson to this clown who will do it ?!" Sarah shouted to herself the VR38DETT roared furiously as the automatic transmission downshifted on it`s own, the brakes squeaked a little alongside the tires, Sarah turned the wheel but forgot one vital thing all drivers of the ring knew, never drive over a wet kerb on the nurburgring, otherwise...

her heart beat slowly as she took the corner with determination, driving over the kerb the wheels of the GT-R squealed a bit against the kerb and lost traction, now that squeal moved over to the asphalt as the many computers of the GT-R went crazy trying to figure out how to correct this. Sarah heard nothing but her over-accelerated heart as she saw the brake lights of the Subaru Lighting up on already taking the next corner, but not that it did matter, it was already over as the front started to point to the inside of the corner with a chorus of screeching tires.

the rear of the GT-R came loose once again and faced the wrong way, Sarah turned the wheel and looked at the rearview mirror not being able to look away, the red lights about to dissapear. the GT-R stopped spinning and faced the right way again, without thinking twice Sarah stepped on it making the Twin turbo V6 howl to life but... the transmission let out a moan of pain as it teared itself appart from the inside, nothing but smoke came out from her front instead of ruthless horsepower.

She couldn`t do anything anymore, the STI Impreza had disseapeared from her sight in a Heartbeat, with the Transmission Wrecked the GT-R stayed still on the track defeated pointing towards where his rival had been just instants before warping out of view.

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