Heaven Or Hell? The Abandoned Cars Of Japan.

In the world, there are near 32.000 cars abandoned each year, and Japan, with such a world-renowned automotive culture, is not an exception.

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Japan, a beautiful East Asian country in the pacific ocean with amazing roads, starting with the Mount Haruna and ending with the Mikuni Pass, has been for years one of the best places for the automotive industry and culture, having the most selled car in the history, the Toyota Corolla or other amazing models like the Nissan Skyline, the Mazda RX7 or the Toyota Supra.

Without neglecting Japanese tuning, they had a perfect way of preparing their cars, from the engine to the exterior of the car.

But all beautiful things have their bad side, today there are hundreds of iconic cars abandoned in Japan.

In 2011 a Tsunami hitted the coastal towns of Fukushima and unfortunately collapsing the nuclear power plant of Fukushima causing the evacuation of all people residing in nearby towns within a radius of 40 km.

Lots of people losted their houses and properties including amazing JDM cars that pitifully can't be drived never due to radiaton. There are hundreds of images of obsolete and abandoned Dealerships and Cars in the region causing that a lot of people has been interested in the cleaning and restoration of the zone making that some nearby villages can have a 2nd oportunity to all this people that were forced to leave it all behind.

The abandoned town of Namie

The abandoned town of Namie

Another cause is due to the fact that the Japanese authorities requisitioned many cars in the 80s and 90s, causing those cars never return to the road and being abandoned in scrap yards.

Toyota Supra MK4 in a Scrapy Yard near Yokohama

Toyota Supra MK4 in a Scrapy Yard near Yokohama

Without doubt this are painful images for motor enthusiasts, to see how icons of automotive history are abandoned and forgotted.

Fortunately nowadays we can see that Japanese culture continues through the years and that JDMs continue to be a proof and icon of it.

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  • It's especially sad seeing that Supra race car and Carrera GT abandoned. Great article!

      2 months ago