Heavy is the head that wears the Solar Crown.

With modern automobile based games falling short of communal standards, I want to rant about what's needed to make this latest one steal our hearts.

I think I can now say with fair confidence that The Crew 2 was a total failure. It failed to match the innovative greatness of its predecessor, and in trying to incorporate all modes of transport to its arsenal, fell short pretty much everywhere else. I have talked about it before but because this is anything but an article of self promotion (as much as I'd love that), I'm not going to go finding it to link here.

Forza on the other hand, I don't really know. I haven't played Horizon 3 much and I haven't played 4 even once. 4 being set in Britain, I was sold entirely straight away. But then I saw a video of someone travelling the perimeter of the map in 11 minutes and that really had me asking how much there was to play with. With this and the similar open world concept of TC2 in mind, I really felt as though the community lacks a good driving game, simply on the grounds that nothing covers all bases.

And for emotional reasons we don't even discuss the state of NFS nowadays.

Weh. Weh... Wehhhhhhhhhh

Weh. Weh... Wehhhhhhhhhh

However, with 1:1 scale map replicas, housing availibility and detailed car controls, I couldn't help but wonder why people weren't screaming about TDU2, a game which did all of the previously mentioned things a decade ago as of 2021.

TDU2 is very highly praised online too. It seems to me as though in its hay day it was the game that gave players the most freedom to enjoy. There were casinos, you could buy houses, you had huuuuge maps to explore and there were MuLtIpLe DeAlErShIpS.

Don't just sit there Ubisoft, take notes.

I can't say I know very well about what the public opinion is. But as this is my article and I don't care what other people think I'm unsurprisingly perhaps going to share my view. It's very simple, and I don't ask much. Like Sir Winston Churchill (former Prime Minister and part time political icon) once famously said, "I am easily pleased with the very best". I just want what TDU offers to a car game.

Possibly controversially I would like to say that car games with just cars alone will never be enough. A driving game where you 'just drive' doesn't work for me. This format severely lacks the developing possibilities of other franchises, because you do the same thing on Day 1 as you will do on Day 200. You drive. You can save money and buy a new car, buy then you'll just drive that instead.

Housing however, and the casinos and all that came with Test Drive Unlimited, changes that stance completely. Because it solves the issue. You can get out of your car, and walk. That's important to me. And please for the love of God himself, don't start with your insecure 'You clearly aren't a real enthusiast if you wanna get out the car' crap. You need a series of opportunities in a game, things to do. So take your competition to be the ooooonly true enthusiast on Drivetribe and shove it so far up yo-

Like I was saying, freedom to engage in an in-game lifestyle is ideal for me personally, a point verified by the detail of the header image which I dedicated 20 minutes to drawing for you ungrateful losers.

But I'm not looking for praise or anything.....

*Praise the beauty of my artistic creation immediately*


For all this drabble I haven't really talked about what I actually want. So here it is. To simplify, there are some key factors I think we could all be looking out for.

Take the obvious and most important point. The cars. The range of cars offered to us outside of Forza is in my opinion, 'le total trashe'. Open world games should have open minded varieties of vehicles. Daily drivers like SUVs, hatchbacks, estates and I think even MPVs could really mix up the variety, and I think we need that. Of course these games need sports coupรฉs and supercars, but it'd be really fun to try and see some more people obtain their own real cars, in a game where they can do whatever the hell they want with them. The Solar Crown trailer is already ringing alarm bells in my mind for the cars its shown. In my opinion the show of vehicles was appalling, and quite outdated too given the cars we spotted. How about we completely transform the markets of our open world games with a series of strange and unexpected picks.

Now, I do recognise that trying to incorporate all these cars will mean taking a huge amount of additional time to guarantee we can get these lot alongside all of the rarer and sportier cars we are now well acquainted with in our video games. But if TDU intends to go the extra mile, it's just a suggestion.

Oh and the map:

Bla bla bla I know, you'll have heard this all before. But seriously the map has to be perfect. Hong Kong is a dangerous choice in my view to set this game, but here's to hoping the devs will make it work. Asia was certainly smart still, cuz we've seen nothing from there as of yet. The trailer showed some light off roading, but I do wonder can we ever properly escape the city. We must not let go the rural roads and even the 'no roads at all' areas.

There is a decent mountainscape that many will have noticed in the trailer, so maybe the small island will trade flat distance for adventurous elevations.

Okay that is stunning though.

Okay that is stunning though.

At the end of the day however, if we are left with a massive cityscape to play with, at least its one of the brightest and most vibrant ubran landscapes on Earth.

As you may have noticed, I'm torn. It's a cop off to say it, but it's also true to say that eventually we will see.

Other than that?

Well I'm not heading into detail, but I did mention already about the housing choices and the ability to walk around. That will to me, probably be the make or break of this game, whenever we finally get our hands on it.

So yes, high expectations and even higher hopes. Thanks for readinggggg and wasting your time for me. Do tell, what do you wanna see come September 2022?

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Comments (28)

  • I honestly want to try this game out, I've never played a TDU game in my life

    p.s. who would actually use a Picanto in a racing game?

      2 months ago
  • Iโ€™m hyped for solar crown :)

      2 months ago
  • To be honest, I would very much enjoy a game where I can go from driving a Toyota MR2 GT-S to commanding a Des Moines-class heavy cruiser. I will admit I do find open-world games enjoyable, and an open-world driving game sounds especially good. Though Hong Kong or any other metropolis is not my type of setting.

      2 months ago
  • TDU2 had many flaws tbh. The housing was a bit lacklustre (and necessary to increase the maximum garage size), the car list was too small and high end, the playable characters were done very strangely (sort of half hearted, they sounded robotic and looked weird). There was a lot of good still though, but Iโ€™d call it a middling game. I am looking forward to TDU, I donโ€™t think itโ€™ll be my favourite game (I reckon the car list will have a similar problem to TDU2) but i think I will enjoy it

      2 months ago
  • I actually loved the recent NFS games. I thought they were quite fun

      2 months ago