Heavy Metal Jag

OK, so i was at the Geneva Motorshow this Year and when i came across the Jaguar Booth i saw a deep purple Jaguar XJ6 and i thought "wow that looks really awesome!". On the second look i realized that there are some things that didn't look quite right.. the ridehight for example and the 18" Chromed Wired Wheels and i thought wow thats really cool of Jaguar to present such a car at the Motorshow. Later that day I found out that this very Jaguar belonged to a guy called Nicko McBrain who is playing in a Band called "Iron Maiden".

Nicko seemed to be very happy with the car that Jaguar Classic restored and modded for him and he was super nice and explained every modification they did on the car. Listening to him talking about all the details for almost an hour got me thinking. This guy isn't just a Rockstar with a nice car, This Guy is a true Petrolhead. He knew everything from the modifications on the bumpes, the sidemarkers, the LED headlights, the interior just EVERY litte Part that was changed. So let me write down what i remember. Fist of all car is lowered. The Wheels are 18"

one of a kind chromed Wire Wheels to give the car the Classic look. It has slightly widened Wheelflares and Remodeled Front and Rear Bumpers wit integrated Sidemarkers from a Newer Model. it has modern LED Headlights and a modified Exhaust. I Also think he said that the rear of the Car was modified to look more like a MK2 XJ and it also has MK2 Doorhandles and Side Mirrors. The Color is of course a Special Color its a dark purple Metallic Paintjob That Nicko called, "infinite purple".

The seats are the Original Seats from his car and were finished in a very nice Red leather, the steering wheel has a very sporty look to it and the car is full of awesome new technology it has a Push to Start Button as well as an new Apine Navigation System which is beautifully crafted into the Dash. It has Buttons underneath to control the System which looks very period correct and all the Turning Knobs in the Car were machined to look like Volume Knobs from a Marshall Amp.The Wood is the same Wood Nicko's drumsticks are made of and he also has a Custom 1100Watts Soundsystem with Alpine and JL Audio Components all beautifully crafted into the Car to look like stock.

The Engine of course is anything but Original. Althoun it still has the Original Block but has modified cams and 3 carburetors from an E-Type Jaguar.

All In all its a beautiful car that Stands out but not too much which i think is a pefect match for a Rockstar Legend like Nicko, who also seems to be a TRUE Petrolhead