Hello everyone! I saw the post on reddit and joined. Attached are pictures of my two cars.

2015 Mustang GT Performance Package/50 Years Anniversary Package - Manual - Stock for now.

1994 Mustang GT Convertible - Manual - 351w stroked to a 408. AFR heads, custom cam, Edelbrock upper/lower intake, 82mm turbo, 100 shot, small tire street car.

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  • I test drove an Ecoboost Roush in Gastonia just to see what they were like. Terrible. I didn't see a point in paying more money for a slower car. Also, a Mustang should growl, not whistle.

      4 years ago
  • Nice Mustangs! That color is nice on your 2015, reminds me of the yellow from the 90's Mustangs. Did you check out the Ecoboost Mustang at all?

      4 years ago