Hello, G'day, Ciao, Guten tag, Kon'nichiwa, etc.

Welcome to the lad tribe

Welcome. You’ve joined a tribe which is for those who have recently started driving, those who aren’t able to drive yet, those who can consider themselves young drivers, but also for those who want to understand the demographic of young car enthusiasts. My name is Jarvis, 16 years old, Australian-Italian and I’m you’re tribe leader. From a young age, actually since I was about 5-6 years old I’ve been heavily interested in cars. This is all thanks to my English dad who introduced me to Top Gear (am I allowed to say that?) at a young age, and he’s pretty much left me there to discover my forever lasting interest in cars. Pretty much I’ve decided on ‘Learning and Driving’ as a tribe name and become a tribe leader because; One, I’m a young driver myself, currently on my L plates; Two, I’ve gained a strong knowledge about cars and the automotive industry since I was young; Three, I’m very opinionated; and Four, because I think this will be a good experience for myself, personally. So pretty much if I have an opinion on a certain car/cars/decisions made by certain manufacturers/etc. I’ll voice my opinion. I’ll enjoy leading you guys as Tribe leader, so let’s enjoy this ride together. (Couldn't really think of a better way to end that. It's short and brief, more to come)

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