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Welcome, what to expect, and how you can get involved

4y ago

Happy Thanksgiving...if you're in America and, you know, reading this the day we wrote it. As you can see, we are Terminally Lost. We hope you are too! Wait...

Our tribe is dedicated to adventures, both in cars and other modes of transportation. We like road trips and classic cars, as well as making people laugh. We are just getting started, but we hope we manage to combine these things in a way you'll love. We'll be continuing our MotorVations series; filming this weekend in fact. Along with that, we'll be adding tidbits of motoring fun to each episode. Starting in February 2017, will be our longer series, Terminally Lost. We'll be taking a road trip to the Southeast US coast, in search of the elusive origins of Southern Beach Music. In March, we'll be filming at the Amelia Island Concours. Other trips and more information to come, including the fact that, at least one of us is seriously considering braving the Mongol Rally!

So, you want to get involved, you say? Well, we've left our tribe open for any members to be able to post. Have you had your own adventures? Perhaps ones that are unconventional and a little silly? If so, pop up a post. Have a favorite classic car? Once again, perhaps a little obscure or debatable? Let us know! Like the idea of our tribe, but not sure you have anything to contribute? Well, we have some ideas for you too! We've decided to open up our road trips to challenges. You heard right, CHALLENGES.

As we prepare for each Terminally Lost trip, we'll announce an open period to post challenges. So, if you know of something offbeat, crazy or otherwise fun, to do in the areas we'll be, you'll be free to suggest we take on these tasks. We aren't exactly sure how we'll decide which to take on, but when the time comes, we'll work all that out!

So, once again, welcome to the tribe. Hope you can find your way back!

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