Hello, we are the sons of chump.

We came here to chat shit and eat ice cream, And we've almost finished our Ice creams.

4y ago

Welcome to the Sons of Chump tribe, and may I be the first to congratulate you on finding us amongst the piles of more qualified motoring journalists.

We work for Jeremy, Richard, and James in the W. Chump & Sons offices - I (Joe, long hair, 99 w/flake & raspberry sauce) work in editorial on the Grand Tour, and Zander (Ribena ice lolly, wide tongue, penetrating gaze) is the Content Producer for the three boys on this very site, Drivetribe.

Filming with the Mustang.

Filming with the Mustang.

Over the next year we will be traveling around the world with Jeremy, James, and Richard as they make the second series of the Amazon Original The Grand Tour. Keep an eye on us for cars, calamities and your fix of three old men falling over - not to mention our own automotive musings.

A normal day at Chump Towers

A normal day at Chump Towers

Between us we own a BMW 1502, a V8-powered E35, an Audi GT coupe, A Mk2 Golf GTI, and a brace of E46s - a 330ci, and the hallowed M3. Yeah, we really love cars.

Seriously though, we are a couple of authentic petrolheads, and we're very excited to be undertaking this new venture with Drivetribe. More to follow. Transmission ends.

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