hello world ! welcome in france

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Welcome Drive Tribe !

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"French guys liking cars and explosions and trying to stay out of trouble"

Music soundcloud.com/chillin-project/denzel-cro-cop-saphir

We’re here to share our passion for automobile to the Web, talk about accessible cars and prove that France isn’t only the country of the laughable Renault.

We'll also write some articles with thorough investigations (this of course is absolutely not true) and post some photos car's lover and fetishists.

So as we say in France: Bienvenue!

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  • That dick!

    1 year ago
  • En quebecois - "calisse, c'est bon ostie"

    1 year ago
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    • Je vais pas te cacher, si nous avons le budget pour la saison 1 il y aura un épisode de CHAR / CHAR ;)

      1 year ago


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