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We may all have different driving styles or approaches to how we prepare for a race. We like different types of racing and hold different drivers as heroes and villains​, but one thing everyone on Team FMR shares is a desire to own a signature helmet.

Well, maybe not all of us. Jayden was lucky enough to be given a custom helmet from his personal inspiration, 3-time Karting Champion Austin Riley at the end of the 2015 karting season, and he rocked that proudly all year. For the rest of us, just finding a unique helmet and personalizing it would have to do.

Jayden's original and custom helmets.

But for Logan, Dylan, Niko, Anthony and myself, the desire to rock a signature style every week is strong. Only thing is when you are karting on a budget, CDN $2000 or more is a lot of money. That's not to say the artists who paint the helmets aren't worth every nickel... they are. But there is only a short time in a modern racers life where his helmet is a reflection of his personality. Because if you make it to the big leagues, you need to bring supporters along for the ride. And literally, the best way to do that is to sell your helmet space to a sponsor.

A better look at Jayden's Helmet. The silver paint and matching reflective visor really rocks in person.

Sure, there's still room for customization, but it's not the same. Over the coming months, we will showcase some helmets that we've seen that we love, or maybe even share designs we'd like for ourselves. In the meantime, we'll have to be content with our customized off-the-shelf designs which we have embraced as part of our personality... for now. Logan, a nice guy off the track is a killer behind the wheel... and you could say his dark matt black and red helmet fits.

Darth Vader, er Logan.

And what does my helmet say? Well, I like being noticed even if I am a bit shy, so mine is a bit bright, almost as bright as Jayden's but not quite. But it is customized in that I took an element from my very first helmet and added it to my second. And if I was to get a custom helmet the design would have to take elements of both to represent my progress in racing.

The "Monster" from my original GMAX rides along on my BELL Helmet.

Niko's 2016 Helmet.

Front of My Helmet.

As we said up front, we plan future articles on helmet designs. So, we invite everyone we invited to joined Tribe FMR to post their own helmets, or simply helmets they love as well. We'll also post the rest of the teams lids when we get better photos. Sharing leads to inspiration after all.

By Myles Morgan, Team FMR.