Three out of 4 seats at Red Bull already confirmed. Is it Kvyat or Albon?

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Red Bull is in a state of flux because they have to find a new engine partner for 2022, however, many feel that confirming their driver lineup also needs to be dealt with soon. Team advisor Helmut Marko has now provided some details on this.

In a recent interview, Marko talked about his current driver Alex Albon's recent performances. "We need a competitive driver. His performance in Sochi was not satisfactory. Nurburgring was mixed (it was actually his worse), but much better. It was bad luck that a stone then breaks through the radiator. His speed when catching up was again reasonably okay"

"There is no rush. the drivers that are mentioned in the English or German media - are all available. As far as I know, pretty much all the seats are taken. A seat at Haas is not interesting for everyone. The two Haas seats are said to be more or less taken.

He gave his opinion about choosing a driver from outside the Red Bull driving program. He said, "We will choose the driver that is most promising for the team. That is where we will begin to analyze that objectively. It's not about who I prefer, but who is better in the overall package."

He then talked about the importance of Albon performing. "Albon must perform. Then he stays. In general, I believe that hardly anyone can get closer to Max by less than three-tenths of a second. Albon can do that on a good day."

He ended by revealing the number of drivers confirmed in Red Bull and Alphatauri. "We have actually already decided on three positions. We want to decide on the fourth at the latest in Istanbul"

With Red Bull junior program team driver Yuki Tsunoda testing this race weekend and Marko's comment about Albon's unsatisfactory result, Which driver may become another name on Red Bull's list of dusted drivers. Red Bull aren't a reliable source for their own news and their mid-season change of driver in 2019 could mean endless possibilities

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