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HELP! 924, yes or no?

1y ago


Turns out a 1978 Porsche 924 has come really close to my hands, and I'm struggling to decide wheter buying it or not... So Drivetribe please help me find out what to do!

I always wanted to have a Porsche, but I wanted it to be my daily ride, so this happened that one of these little guys appeared in my ads list, and well... Couldn't help but texting the owner and asking for a ride to see what happens.

What happened is that I kinda have a hit on it, but there are some issues to be done that are putting some doubt in my brains. To be fair, mechanics is more than fine, the guy did a full restoration and it rides just great (forgetting about the fact og fetting used to the gearbox, with a kinda weird configuration). Exhaust line is done, all the conductions and wiring are done, timing belt, ect with invoices and all. It has only 107k kms on the clock, so it has a lot of miles to do yet...

So, let's forget about mechanics. It's body and interior what is haunting me. There are some issues to be done, and I would like to know how much effort and money would I need to use to get it done, my myself if possible...

1. Painting job and some minor rust issues

Well, the car is 40 years old and it has its crackles and ages, but there are two main spots to be considered: there is some rust on the top edge of the windscreen, and some rust aswell on the driver's side, lower flap and the front bumper.

2. Dashboard

Interior in general is fine, but there is the dashboard, a filthy dammned old bunh of seriously injured plastic, which needs to be, at least, profoundly done.

OI have seen some guys in forums who fixed it by themselves, and some "dashboard covers" on the internet, but I don't know exactly which one would be the best and cheapest option.

3. Lights

Front lights, this beautiful waving system, are always up, so the poor Porsche can never sleep, and it's causing him big migraine problems. Is it easy to cure?


Those I am not concerned about, because are small things I can get done by myself. Like dashboard lights, and other thingies...

To help me decide, I have added this rating thing, so you can rate how hard should I buy it and give this small 924 the love it deserves... And, for bonus, if you have any ideas about how to fix it or the costs, it would be just great!

Many many Thanks!

So, should i buy it? 1=no 5=yes

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