Help! I Lost My Car

2y ago


Far and few between I read an article about an old lady who couldn't find her car in a shopping center's car park. Every row looks the same, so something must be done! Right? No, I always argued. Just walk around the parking lot and you will find it. It is impossible to lose a car.

It's quite easy to lose keys, pencils, a glove, and even a child! Everything that I lose always ends up in the bathroom. But I had been convinced that you could not lose a car. It is quite big after all. Losing a car would be like losing your house. You can't!

Until the other day when I got off work, and wandered around the parking lot with my keys in my hand. I was ready to make this small journey into a symphony of perfection, dancing around the streets in perfect harmony while making the most of what I had left. But then I reached the end of the parking lot and ... there was no car.

Oh no

Me, eloquent as ever

What if it had been stolen? And someone in Hungary already took it apart? Ripping its wheels off while ... NO! I mustn't think like that. After all, my car is capable of defending itself. It will have made it. I knew in my hearts of hearts that it was still around. This could only mean that I had lost the poor mite.

This wouldn't have happened had someone invented an app for this, I argued. After all there is an app for everything. You could mark where you left your car, and while you wander aimlessly around the parking lot the app tells you its last known location. Since cars rarely take off on their own it will still be there. Then again, when I got out of the car that morning I had been convinced that I'd remember where it was. So success might be limited ...

Instead I should have left a trial of breadcrumbs. Even though I can only assume that in Hansel and Gretel things like wind, or ducks eating bread did not exist. I would have to replace bread with a substance that is almost impossible to get rid of like oil. A small poke under the bonnet and ...

OH! Then it dawned on me. My car was not lost. Neither had it been stolen! I was lost:

You see, in the morning my usual train had a 30 minute delay. In an effort to make it on time, I switched to the station which was further away but ran a different line. It worked, just that after ten hours of work my brain did everything as usual. This was wrong.

Despite this, I maintain that I am still right: you cannot lose a car. Unless stolen, it is always where you left it. Only you can be lost. The best way to prevent that?

Getting a good brain, or write an article that this has happened even though you're not even home yet. Since that is not an option for everyone, you can also set an alarm to remind you to drive to the other train station.