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Help my Grandad buy a new car!

I've had a look, now it's up to you.

5w ago

Why are we looking at a new car?

Well, my Grandad bought this car when it was 2 years old (I think) making it now 9 years of ownership. The car was bought as a retirement present to himself and is fully kitted out with basically every option. However, there are some downsides. Firstly, the tax is £275 a year in the UK which is pretty expensive when our Octavia is £30 a year. The car also has a terrible gearbox, as far as I know its got a 5 speed auto and that's not enough for its 2.1 litre engine. The biggest problem is that it's too big for them now, only very rarely is it packed full of stuff and they also don't need a diesel anymore as they make fewer journeys back down south.

What does it need to be?

I'm sure your aware from above that it will be a downsize, so Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf and Hyundai I30 size is preferable. It needs to be a petrol with an auto but a bigger unit like a 1.4 or above. Tax should be £150 a year (ish) and we're not totally against a self charging hybrid and a smaller SUV could be worth a look. In terms of budget your looking up to £16,000, I've worked this out with the cars value (£4,000) + what he would have spent on a camper (£12,000). I will just add that this needs to be Top spec or just below with options to match the C Class spec for spec.

From here its down to you, post your links below and why you picked that car!

Thanks Guys, see you in the comments.

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