Help us choose how we restore this '67 Camaro RS

What colour should it be? What wheels? Wide-body or stock? There are choices to be made and we need your suggestions!

4w ago


My friends Bob & Adam recently got themselves a new 'project car', a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS in need of some serious love. The paint is beyond saving, the floor is rusted in places so a new one is on the way, the interior is in tatters and needs a full re-trim. What else... the brakes, other than being over 50-years old don't really work, the suspension is more akin to a caravan than a car capable of over 500bhp. Oh yes, the good bits, it comes with a 5.4 litre (327cu) 'small' block V8 (gotta love American humour) which seems to be in good nick, but we won't know for sure till it's taken apart.


Choices, choices, choices...

In short, the car needs extensive restoration, and there are a lot of choices to be made. What colour scheme do we go for, the interior do we keep it stock or go for racing buckets? Then there are the mechanical bits...

Full disc-brake conversion or fixing the old drums? It's a slush auto-box so do we keep it or go for a manual swap? Oh, and what about the engine if it's good, do we keep it stock or modify it by adding an EFI kit & maybe some turbos? If it's cacked what engine do we go for, an old Chevy big-block or a modern LS motor?

We need your help! How should we bring this beaut back to its prime?

So get commenting and tell us what you think we should do! We are on the internet after all, so there should be plenty of opinions to go about right?

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Comments (93)

  • Restomod it, but do it subtly and tastefully, e.g. modern mahogany steering wheel, 1970s style modern seats, a nice stereo.

    In terms of colour, go for a reddish orange or dark blue, to be more subtle. Like a Dukes of Hazzard or Smokey and The Bandit moonshiner look, modded, but still fairly original!

      1 month ago
  • This...

      1 month ago
    • Damn, that looks awesome! I will pass on the suggestion, thanks for the support Ricky!

        1 month ago
    • For a few bob you can have a beast that'll blow the M cars and AMG's into the weeds, and make the best sound on this side of a 5 litre Mustang...;)...!

        1 month ago
  • I think you should restore it stock, no wide body, no race seats. But add some modern touches in the engine, steering, brakes, media system, lights (mm, some sexy LEDs) , to make it safe, reliable and more fun to drive. Maybe paint it some darkish shade of a desaturated fashionable turqoise, glossy. The wheels could just look in a classic way, instead of being the originals. Uuu, this feels like the Forza garage 😁 Soo, to sum it up, it should look stock and feel up to date; a different sort of purism. And maybe you could tour grand with it 👍 cheers

      1 month ago
    • Hey Victor! Thanks for taking time to write the detailed suggestions! I will pass them on and hopefully address them with Bob in a future 'response' video if we get enough comments to make one!

        1 month ago
  • Nice starting point. They made 64,842 RS Camaros in ‘67 so its not rare enough to restore. I would definitely upgrade the suspension and go to 4wheel discs. As I have on my 750HP ‘Cuda. Restore means back to as built, The LS3 in my 2014 Camaro SS1LE is a nice engine and drive train and has Brembo brakes-LSX gives power options- the factory gold paint might look nice w/stripe but delete the badges for a clean exterior- interior might want Recaro ‘cause corners are fun- but don’t lose old school flavor when updating the tach- mostly enjoy and share- cars are the vehicles that bring people together

      30 days ago
    • LS is a strong favorite for a swap if the current engine turns out to be in a worst state then it appears. Thanks for the all the tips & suggestions Stan!

        30 days ago
  • Update the suspension and brakes. Keep the engine mostly stock, electronic ignition is a must. Definitely a manual trans. Upgrade the seats but keep the look fairly stock in the rest of the interior. Keep the outside looking stock. You can get stock looking wheels that are wider and larger from Coker Tire. These are all things that we would have done “back in the day”. There’s only one color to go with if the body work is done!

      1 month ago


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