Help us name the newest member of the DriveTribe team

43w ago


We're winding down for Christmas here at DriveTribe towers and most of us (the sensible ones, at least) are busy readying our duodenums for an onslaught of Aunt Mabel's gangrenous goose smothered in oh-god-what's-that-white-sauce-did-it-have-to-be-lumpy.

But I thought I'd wake up early this morning to introduce you fine people to the latest member of the DriveTribe editorial team. It's a Honda Civic Type R. The new one, with all the scoops, wings and angles.

I'd not really appreciate the gung-ho looks if they weren't so thoroughly backed up by the way this thing flies down a road, seeking out grip like a 320bhp front-wheel-drive has absolutely no right to.

We have it for six months from the lovely people at Honda, so now's not the time for a full explanation of why it's Going To Be Awesome, and I do have a far more immediate problem with the car…

It doesn't have a name.

And I want you to leave your suggestions in the comments below. We'll pick the best one and send the winner a token of our appreciation from the DriveTribe gift cupboard (which is mostly full of plastic cutlery from all the takeaways we have).

Need some inspiration for a name? Well, this particular Type R is going be performing some very special duties. In a month or so it'll be whisking me and my long-suffering girlfriend to hospital to give birth to our first child. So my son/daughter's first taxi will be a hot hatch with a top speed of 174mph. Perhaps we should just call it the vomit comet.

Leave your name suggestions below and we'll pick a winner in the new year. Have a splendid festive period, and try to get out for a drive if you can. Or just eat until you burst at the seams, and stay away from Mabel's goose.

What should we call our newest team member? Leave your suggestion below!

Will this soon be a quagmire of baby sick? Will the Clarkson air freshener will save our nostrils? (Available now by googling DriveTribe shop…)

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