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5w ago

Now before we get into it, I have to make a small apology. I am sorry I haven't posted much for a bit. Well, anything for a bit. I'm not going to tell you my dog ate my homework (he prefers shoes) I'm going to lay it to you straight.

Warning! Graphic content ahead! Feel free to skip if you're squeamish!

On Monday 7th June 2021, I was admitted to Stafford County Hospital as a day patient for colorectal surgery. The plan had been to remove a large prolapsed haemorrhoid with an open haemorrhoidectomy, band a couple of small internal ones and excise a skin tag. Sadly, after performing an 'Examination Under Anaesthetic' the surgeon found a LOT more to do. It ended up being removal of two large prolapsed external haemorrhoids with open haemorrhoidectomy, about half a dozen rubber band ligations and many skin tags. To cut a long story short I basically ended up having my rectal canal sliced to pieces then sewn back together. This has meant for over a week I've basically had one comfortable position - lying on my front stuffed full of painkillers, and going for a number twos has felt like having a red hot poker rammed up my back passage. I don't cry from pain as a rule, but I've been in tears on a daily basis over the last week. It needed doing, it really knocked me about though. I honestly have no advice for anyone undergoing the same procedure. If you're having something like this done, it will hurt a lot. I don't think there's much you can do about it. Sorry.

So the car?

Yep! We've got that out of the way. On to the car.

Now for a long time the present Mrs. Stanley has been a strong advocate of keeping the Toyota Verso we bought new in 2013 for a long, long time. Mainly because it's been rock solid reliable and built like a tank... Though to be fair it SOUNDS like a tractor...

Anyway, the battery died a while ago. Not a problem - easily fixed. Now we have one of those 'all the warning lights are flashing' things and I don't know how to solve it. It's going to have to go to a main dealer I think. The niggling thought at the back of our minds is that the car has reached that age where whatever make it is and however reliable it is - it IS going to start to have problems.

But your Porsche is 15 years old!

Yes it is! But I recently got it serviced and MOT'd and that cost me around £2000 and involved leaving the car at a specialist for a week. Full post coming on that soon! We need one safe, family car that we can rely on. That's always been the Toyota but I think we need to look at changing it, as our main car being out of commission for a while would be major problem.

Okay, so what are you looking for?

I'm going to lay it straight. WE ARE NOT GOING ELECTRIC. I don't care about range or battery hours or charge times - it's NOT happening. An electric car would NOT meet our needs for a family car. That said, for a lot of the time, the car DOES only do short journeys so some sort of plug-in Hybrid might be a good choice. We could run 100% battery and still use it for touring around North Wales, Scotland or France when we're allowed again.

The present Mrs. Stanley is particularly keen on enjoying a commanding view of the road. She dos NOT like driving the Porsche. Partly as it's so low and partly as it's a very physical car to drive. The Verso has 7 seats but we rarely use them, so not having 7 wouldn't be a deal breaker. She's also very keen on getting something with some sort of automatic breaking system? Like collision mitigation system on the Mitsubishi.

Summing up we're looking for something that's a bit like a 5 or 7 seat Toyota Verso sized car. Something a bit more SUV would be fine. Things we've considered so far:-

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

25 mile odd electric only range, good size 5 seat SUV.

Toyota RAV4 PHEV

Bit more power than the Mitsubishi. Very nicely finished for a Toyota but VERY pricey.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Massively powerful, but also massively expensive and just plain massive. We could only afford an old one. I'd quite like one but the present Mrs. Stanley thinks having TWO Porsches might be a bit ostentatious and the neighbours might think we're gits. Plus she's nervous about potentially having two cars that cost multiple thousands of pounds to service and could spend weeks off the road being fixed.

YOUR suggestion!

What other than these three do YOU suggest? For a used one the budget it probably £20k - £25k, might stretch to £30k for a new one if the finance deal was good enough.

This is a genuine question for the hive mind of DriveTribe. Tell me in the comments what you think we should consider and why!

Martyn Stanley

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  • Get yourself a used Mercedes e-class estate. Forget the two rearmost seats and have a huge boot and space for 5. Additionally it’ll handle better being normal car height.

      1 month ago
    • I did look at the Mercedes plug in hybrid estate. I was tempted to get one after the Jag. The boss likes a higher seating position though. So I don't think I could convince her. :(

        1 month ago
    • You’re the car guy, the boss needs to learn who is the boss when it comes to cars, I’m sure she indirectly controls everything else. Just ask her if everyone was to jump off a cliff, would she? Get the merc and watch how much respect you’ll get...

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        1 month ago
  • Do NOT buy the Cayenne if you want a reliable family car. Those luxury cars are not only expensive to fix, but break often and occasionally at very bad times. I’d steer clear of the Mitsubishi, as they are shaky on quality. The Toyota’s are rock hard reliable and practical to boot, get one of those if you can.

      1 month ago
    • I don't think she'd let me buy ANOTHER Porsche to be honest! :( I was lucky I got one! We like the Toyota RAV4e but it's very expensive.

        1 month ago
    • The expense gives you a lot in terms of quality and reliability. I don’t know about Europe, but Toyota dealerships in the US have some of the best customer service too. I can’t say the same for Mitsubishi.

        1 month ago
  • Hey sir, sry for hearing what happened to you. Anyways, what I feel is to go for an Octavia estate-it is not a hybrid, but Imo it'll do its job well. Plus, if you Don't mind spending another £2k, you can go for the VRS version😁

      1 month ago
    • That might be fun, but I don't think the Missus would be up for it. I can't be too stubborn over this car as she didn't complain when I bought the 911.

        1 month ago
    • You sir, are a car guy. You can convince your Misses easily on how good that car is. If she still hesitates, Ig she'll accept for used Volvos😄

        1 month ago
  • I'd choose the RAV4 without any doubt. The Outlander is old as heck and the Cayenne will turn into a massive money pit.

      1 month ago
    • My mother owns a Rav4 & really likes it. I on the other hand really dislike it. For the the steering is way to light & doesn’t give me a huge sense of feedback & the breaks are a tad wooly. It also beeps all the sodding time, lane depart, open a door &...

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        1 month ago
  • Those Priuses XL...can't remember the name... I mean, they are great allrounders, it's a Toyota and you have a 911 to argue anyone about having a Prius.

      1 month ago