Hennessey has hired a legendary engineer to get the Venom F5 hypercar to 300mph

26w ago


Things have been a little quiet in the Hennessey camp of late, with initial claims of 300mph now seeming like they were made a very long time ago. Now however, a new announcement has come from the company and it's one that certainly stokes the 300mph fire in the Americans' favour.

John Heinricy has been hired as the Chief Engineer for the Venom F5, a man otherwise known as the 'Heinrocket'. Here's someone who spent nearly 40 years honing his craft at General Motors, eventually retiring there as the head of the GM Performance Division.

It certainly looks aerodynamic enough

Heinricy has also turned his hand to motorsport, winning 15 national SCCA championships and completing over 1000 laps of the Nürburgring as a test driver. One of those was also the first sub-8 lap for a four-door sedan, a Cadillac CTS-V back in 2008.

I want this guy on my team

So coming from a seriously special OEM background, this guy will be setting about making sure the V8 beast that is the Venom F5 can progress from a concept car to a record-setter.

Using experience that he will already have gained from being a consultant on the 272mph Venom GT, Heinricy will be a name that will shake the foundations of the Koenigsegg and Bugatti factories if the project is successful.

Outright horsepower shouldn't be a worry at all for the car but the engineering behind its aerodynamics and tyres will be key to seeing the Hennessey break the record of the Keonigsegg Agera RS and go on to surpass the 300mph marker post.

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