Hennessey have revealed their six wheel drive electric Hyper-GT

The hypermodern vehicle is said to be the next stage in Hennessey's strategy to introduce three new vehicles in the next decade.

7w ago

Hennessey, the well known hypercar and performance vehicle manufacturer have today released the first concept of their new Hyper-GT. The car, which will be the most expensive EV at over $3 million, will be unique and luxurious as you should expect something which costs the same as it would cost to buy a mansion in the countryside- or a small, one room apartment in London.

The car, which seems similar to if a Lamborghini was squashed, stretched and had two extra wheels, will feature a surprising four seats in a car which has the potential to be the fastest accelerating car from 0-200mph. Using its 50% bonus contact area with the ground to try and transfer the power of six electric motors, it promises heightened handling and a nicer drive.

“In Project Deep Space, we’ve merged the essence of early-twentieth century grand tourers with an otherworldly hyper GT form that leaves no doubt about its capability and intent,” says Hennessey Director of Design, Nathan Malinick. “Integrating many industry firsts, our next all-new model turns the EV ‘hypercar’ concept on its head while exhibiting our ‘art of reduction’ design philosophy. By combining Hennessey’s passion for performance with the pinnacle of automotive luxury, we will offer our customers the best of both worlds with a central driving position, ample space for passengers, room for luggage, and best in class performance. The result of our advanced development program will be a car like no other.”

It's not just the power which makes this car otherworldly, materials such as ultra-lightweight carbon fibre has been used in the chassis and body panels as well as the show off gull wind doors. Each of the examples will be bespoke to the customer to allow for further improvements to be made. Only 105 models will be made of the car which is set to follow in the footsteps of the Venom F5 coupe and although specs are yet to be released, it is guaranteed to be one of the most draw dropping cars we have seen in years.

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  • With four seats and lots of luggage space, it’s perfect for cruising the Interstate or Autobahn on weekend getaways. I’ll bet that most owners never take it more than 50 miles from home, it even out of their dream garages.

      1 month ago
    • 1 month ago
    • Haha, interesting design I know but could be quite cool

        1 month ago
  • Does it’s have over 1.500hp? It’s not a hennasey if it hadn’t got that

      1 month ago
    • They haven't released the specs but I should hope so, it is a Hennessey after all

        1 month ago