Hennessey will give Porsche a helping hand with their all new Taycan.

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For nearly 30 years now, Hennessey has been known for teaming up with automotive manufacturers and altering their vehicles into some of the best high performing machines in today's market. This time however, it is revolutionary.

So why is this such a big deal? Well, Hennessey is known for tweaking big, muscular, and enormously loud engines. This sets the performance engineering group on a new, broader road in the automotive world since the all electric Porsche Taycan is so far from the familiar rumble of what they would usually toy with.

What can we expect to see from the Hennessey modified Porsche Taycan? Well sadly enough, when it comes to the performance department, not much. Just to begin with, Hennessey has decided to start out by only appealing to the aesthetics of the Taycan. Though we are sure to see a performance enhanced version of this road eating monster in the near future, so long as the customer demand presents itself.

Though no exact description of any enhancements have been released quite yet, Hennessey has announced some vague hints at what is to come. The Hennessey-Porsche Taycan will see a new set of wheels, some new bodywork to help with the aerodynamics of the Taycan, and a new interior for the driver and passengers as well. With that, we could see a quicker and slightly more luxurious Taycan due to the possible loss of weight and the upgraded interior alongside that.

What do you think about Hennessey tweaking their first all electric vehicle? I, for one, am excited to see these crazed engineers delve into the world of fast and powerful electric vehicles. Though they might not be doing much besides creating some pleasing aesthetics, I see what all they can do to the rumble of American V8's and above and I am looking forward to seeing how they will, in a few years time, create a dominating line up of all extremely fast, all electric cars as well.

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  • Tesla can suck some American horsepower up its phony arse

    1 month ago
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  • Funny how it used to be engineering and now this is just gonna be some dude that works for geek squad typing up on his macbook air.

    1 month ago
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