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Hennessey will launch a six-wheeled EV in 2026

The Deep Space project will seat four people, have all-wheel drive and cost $3 million!

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Hennessey has always had the penchant for doing something completely bonkers. The Bugatti Veyron-beating Venom, the off-road monster that is the Velociraptor and the various other insanely powerful cars the company has created are just a few of the things that show the kind of crazy lengths Hennessey will go to on the quest for unrivalled power and performance. Perhaps more crucially, these vehicles usually contain loud, screaming American V8s. With the coming of electrification, you might think that Hennessey would get left behind in the past. That's apparently not to be, though, as the company is planning to leap into the electric age with the most bonkers project it's ever devised.

Currently called Deep Space, it's intended to be a six-wheeled(!) four-seater electric 'hyper GT' with a McLaren F1-style central driving position. The four seats will be arranged in a diamond configuration inside a teardrop-shaped cabin reminiscent of the McLaren Speedtail, with the rearmost seat being a "VVIP" seat that fully reclines. The whole car will be built out of carbon fibre and will be powered by an all-wheel-drive powertrain. No more than 105 examples of Deep Space will be made and they'll cost an eye-watering $3 million each. Hennessey aims to begin production of the car in 2026, by which point a lot of manufacturers will be well into the swing of converting their model lineups to ones that are fully electrified.

Why has it taken John Hennessey so long to even think about making an EV? Well, he needed to re-think the type of electric car he actually wanted to make in the first place. "I’ve been looking at electrification since Tesla came out, but the biggest thing that's bothered me about EVs is always the weight," he said to Car & Driver. "They can be as fast as a dragster in a straight line, but when it comes to turning or stopping you can't bend the rules of physics . . . Then I thought, what if our next car isn't a hypercar like the F5 and we accept the fact it is going to weigh something more than 4000 pounds—that maybe it could be something that carries more than two people."

Things started to take shape even more when Hennessey decided that the car should have six driven wheels to maximise the traction. "When we realized the six-wheel configuration would give a very long wheelbase, the idea evolved," said Hennessey. "What if we built the modern equivalent of something like a Bugatti Royale? Something long, sleek, quiet, and with world-class NVH. So the rear seat will be like the executive seat in a private jet."

Image: Hennessey

Image: Hennessey

Hennessey is currently very coy about projecting any performance figures for Deep Space, but it has said that one of the project's aims is to create the fastest four-seater car ever from rest to 200 mph. That sounds like a very ambitious claim for sure, but it's one that's more realistic than you might think thanks to the incredible acceleration that the highest-performance EVs have been able to accomplish. "We're not making any announcements on horsepower yet, but it is pretty common to be able to generate 400 hp per electric motor, so doing the math suggests a serious amount of power if we do that." said Hennessey. If motors are put into all six wheels, that could add up to an incredible 2400 hp! This would make it more powerful than the 1880 hp Rimac Nevera and the 2000 hp Lotus Evija, both of which will be serious rivals to Deep Space in terms of pure speed.

Hennessey is also keeping decidedly quiet on things like range and charging capacity. He did however tell Car & Driver that "we do believe Project Deep Space will have a range greater than what currently exists." How that'll be achieved is uncertain, but we do know that Hennessey has very good contacts with multiple big American manufacturers who are investing huge amounts of money in cutting-edge battery technology. It's quite possible that by the time 2026 rolls around, Hennessey could have access to a battery that would give Deep Space a range of well over 500-600 miles.

Is anybody already interested? Well, according to John Hennessey himself, the first example has already been sold and it's to somebody the company is very familiar with. "He's the guy who owns the gold car [a Venom F5 in Mojave Gold] we revealed at Pebble Beach back in August," Hennessey explained. "He was my one-man focus group, and he immediately ordered the first car." As for how interest goes beyond that, Hennessey is taking a more cautious approach to what he says. "How many more guys are out there? I'm not sure, but I do know that in this part of the market people want to have something completely different from what their friends and rivals own."

If you have a lot of money to blow on a car that'll set you apart from the rest, perhaps you might want to call Hennessey up and show some interest in getting yourself one of the 105 Deep Spaces that'll be built. You never know, you could end up owning something that'll legitimately change the game when it comes to ultra-fast, ultra-luxurious GT cars...

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  • Good bit of research, and a bonkers car should

    encourage some sorely needed

    multi lane dual carriageway,

    interstate highway funding ,

    which should enable people to self isolate .

    Which should slow down the spread of diseases.

    which should save lives .

    Hyper cars on interstate highways save lives .

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  • It sounds stupid and insane so that's right up my alley! If I ever have the money for it I'd move to the US and buy one!

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