- The 'Uncle Bunt' custom Triumph chopper (My own photo)

Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove's '1983 Uncle Bunt custom Triumph chopper'

While at the Classic Car and Motorcycle show this weekend I spotted the familiar figure of Henry Cole, complete with hat, filming a motorcycle for one of his TV shows.

Cole and Lovegrove

For those of you who don't know him, Cole is the presenter of 'World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides', 'The Motorbike Show', 'Shed and Buried', and 'Find It, Fix It, Flog It' amongst other programmes over a 20 year presenting career.

FIlming in progress (My own photo)

Cole is also the owner and founder of Gladstone Motorcycles, which manufactures bespoke British custom motorcycles and he is the world land speed record holder for a pre 1955 750cc motorcycle, he rides every year for Brough Superior and Gladstone on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Along with his co presenter Sam Lovegrove, who is Brough Superior's race mechanic, they were filming a custom bike described as 'Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove's 1983 Uncle Bunt Custom Triumph Chopper.'

Close up of the paintwork (My own photo)

Uncle Bunt

'Uncle Bunt', otherwise known as John Reed, is a world famous designer and builder of special custom motorcycles. Starting in England, he moved to work for Custom Chrome, Inc. in the US. and he has a legendary status. A regular contributor to 'Back Street Heroes' magazine he had served an apprenticeship with the Atomic Energy Authority and then worked at British Leyland, which gave him his metal working skills. He developed a love of bike racing moving from scramblers through to racing a Vincent , which led him to become involved with design and customising his bike for racing.

Uncle Bunt's 1982 gold Yamaha (Photo: Yamaha)

In the early 1980s Reed started to create custom bikes, his first being the1982 Gold Yamaha pictured above, with the obligatory model, based upon the TR-1 V-twin. Reed has created many bikes over the years since all widely admired.

The custom Triumph chopper at the NEC

Unfortunately there was no more information available about the custom Triumph chopper at the show. Just the basic title stating that it was ''Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove's 1983 Uncle Bunt Custom Triumph Chopper' though as you can see it certainly has the Uncle Bunt style impressive paint job and looks.

Cole and Lovegrove's Uncle Bunt Triumph (My own photo)

After researching Reed I know frames exist which were worked on by him, and this bike may be one of those now completed as part of a custom bike by Cole and Lovegrove, or their own design in a tribute to his style, we'll have to wait and see it on the TV before we know the full story.

Cole and Lovegrove's Uncle Bunt Triumph (My own photo)

Cole and Lovegrove's Uncle Bunt Triumph (My own photo)

If anyone knows any more about this particular bike I'd be pleased to hear about it. What do you think, do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.