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Here Are 10 Of The Rarest BMW M5s Ever Made (Part Two)

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If you've read part one of this list, then you've learnt that the E34 was the golden generation of the of the rocket propelled M5. BMW had made loads of special versions of them, and these limited edition cars are very hard to find. So hard that some people never even knew of their existence! Here are the remaining 5 exclusive M5 models that are really hard to find.

1992 E34 Naghi Motors Edition M5

Only fifteen models of the Naghi Motors Edition M5 have ever been made. Naghi Motors, the Saudi Arabian importer of BMW, asked them to build a limited run of special edition E34 M5s to be sold in the country. The car had several special features that make it stand out from the sea of special E34s. They were the last units produced with the Euro-spec 3.6-liter M5, with a catalytic converter deletion, as gulf regulations didn't require them. The result is a loud engine with 318 rampaging horses delivered to the rear wheels. Visual enhancements include a factory M rear spoiler, Shadowline exterior trim, and Recaro SR front seats in leather-cloth. Once the models arrived in Saudi Arabia, Naghi Motors added the M tri-color striping to the hood and a few other goodies.

1995 E34 M5 Touring Elekta

If the 891-unit left-hand-drive-only BMW M5 isn't rare enough for you, then BMW has got you covered. In 1995 BMW took 20 of the 891 cars and gave a bit of extra treatment. The car is finished in either Sterling Silver with Marine Blue leather, or British Racing Green with Tobacco leather, and features a very special gear knob. However, the car wasn't made by BMW M, but instead it was a special order from BMW Individual, thus questioning its fame as a special edition model.

2015 F10 M5 Pure Metal Edition

In October 2015, BMW gifted the South African market with a limited run of 20 cars dubbed the Pure Metal Edition. The twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine was bumped to produce 600 horses. The car has a special Metal Silver paint job, got a lower ride and inherited all the performance parts from the M5 Competition including the Active M Differential. BMW USA also sold a limited edition M5 very similar to the Pure Metal Edition called the Pure Metal Silver limited edition – a run of 50 US-specific M5s in an identical specification.

1998 E39 M5 Touring

The E39 BMW M5 was a beast packing a decent 392 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque thanks to its 4.9 litre S62 V8 engine. The car was capable of lapping the Nurburgring in just 8:20, and will hit 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. But what if you bought large couch and it simply won't fit in your M5 saloon?

BMW nearly made it possible to shove the couch in with an estate version of the 1998 E39 M5. Unfortunately BMW binned the project and the M5 Touring was never put into production. However, only one E39 M5 Touring was ever made and it was a Titanium Silver one that was unvealed in BMW's 25 anniversary along with another rare E34 M5 convertible.

1992 E34 M5 Convertible

Before the 6 Series ever existed, BMW thought of making a convertible version of the M5, however production never surfaced. BMW made just one M5 convertible prototype but like the M5 touring, the project was binned. The car's structure without a roof was somewhat weak so steel reinforcement had to be added to give more rigidity to the chassis, but this also added nearly 100 kilograms to the overall weight of the car. BMW also had financial restraints, and that was the main reason why there is only one roofless E34 M5, and it's the prototype.

Honorable Mention: BMW F90 M5 First Edition

The F90 is special in its own right. It will always mark the point where BMW M ditched pure rear-wheel-drive for clever all-wheel-drive systems. Although I am not a fan of the desicion, but the end result is a jaw-droppingly fast car. With the launch of this sixth generation model, BMW announced a "First Edition" model limited to 400 models worldwide. The special Frozen Dark Red Metallic paint job is the main highlight and the distinctive feature of the first edition. 400 models may not make this as rare as most other rare M5s mentioned previously, but this may be just as special.

Do you think the latest M5 should've been rear-wheel-drive?

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