- This is probably the first time I've seen a "Mustang" festoon the road with its ugliness.

Here are five reasons why the Mustang Mach - E is the worst car ever made.

And I think you'd agree.

44w ago


1) Heritage: The original Mustang, the Eleanor, and the original GT500 were one of the most beautiful cars ever made, and to this day, even the base model Mustang is a looker. And then, we have the Mustang Mach - E, an ugly car that looks like the sculpted dung of an elephant. And it doesn't even pay much attention to its heritage in the looks department, it also doesn't pay attention in terms of performance. Think about it. All the Mustangs have a V8 (there are exceptions, but I'm not counting them) with a glorious rumble to it. It just sounds amazing, and it's also part of the car's heritage (You know, Mustangs and V8s go hand-in-hand.) And then you have this horrible automotive mistake of an EV with a pseudo - V8. Come on, Ford, you can do better than that. And even though it's supposed to pay homage and respects to all of its coupé elder brothers, I don't think it pays any.

2) It just doesn't deserve to be called a Mustang. Mustangs are cool cars which remind you that you are sitting in a near 500 HP car, not just because of the way it looks, but because of the smaller details such as 'ground speed' being written on the speedometer. I mean, how cool is that! And then you have a "Mustang" which doesn't make you feel good about it in any way possible because of its ugly looks and boring interior. I mean, it doesn't give you that feeling of being truly special, which a Mustang gives you. And that's why it doesn't deserve to be called a "Mustang". Call it a Mach - E, but not a Mustang. Please.

3) It looks bad. Period. You know what, just end it here. It just looks bad and I've ranted enough about it.

4)It's not a Mustang. It just tries hard to be one. If any of you have watched Hell's Kitchen, you may remember this restaurant owner Joe Nagy, who "was a chef but isn't actually one", if that's how you put it. Joe Nagy was stupid, delusional and way too egotistical about himself and his skills. Gordon Ramsay had enough, confronted him, and said: "You're not a chef. Stop trying to be one". Likewise, with the Mustang badges and taillights, as well as the sound of a V8 being played to a speaker, along with its otherwise ugly looks, it's not a Mustang. It just....it just tries really, and I mean really hard to be one.

5)It's not worth your money. For less than the top variant of this car, you can buy a well - specced Mustang GT, some extra tires, and a decent tune to increase power to around 600 to 700 BHP. All less than the price of a well - specced Mustang Mach - E.

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Comments (39)

  • It's like most car manufacturers now they just sell a SUV with a car model name we like.

    Mitsubishi also have a similar one called the Eclipse cross, if I remember the Eclipse was a sporty 2 seater car that was popular in most countries (apart from the UK because they never gave it us). Not long ago Mitsubishi decided to do name a new SUV the Eclipse and in all honesty I don't see that many.

    Manufacturers have one market to sell to now which is the school run mum or the family who need a large car or the person who just buys a car for no reason just because he has lots of cash. Ford need to re-name it the Ford Cashcow

      10 months ago
  • Basically I agree that the Mach-E is just a piece of shit, but your points 1), 2) and 4) are kinda the same 😉

      10 months ago
  • toThe problem I see with this car is that from an objective standpoint (e.g. for anyone who merely defines car as a form of transportation, judging by comfort, quality, etc) it's probably isn't particularly awful - but it simply isn't groundbreaking, or even interesting. It blends in with literally everyone else.

    In a world where everyone makes stupid SUVs, the way to stand out is not to make an SUV with the name of a sports car, or looks like a sports car, or even performs as one - but it's to not make one at all.

    It looks like any other bland everyday SUVs; the Mustang nameplate serves no purpose but a hate-magnet; and in a traditional sense - it won't be as fun as an actual Mustang.

      10 months ago
  • Fast pony cars used to be fun. I grew up in Detroit and loved wrenching small block GM engines, naturally aspirated Fords, and even driving my most recent twin turbo MKZ. Unfortunately, unless you live in some rural area devoid of modern enforcement techniques and massive traffic issues, these cars are destined for museums. I’ll admit, I have not yet made the switch to hybrid or battery electric, but the writing is on the wall.

      8 months ago
  • I got banned from the MACH E forum because I was not subservient enough about the car. Told the interior looked an Escape with phony front end and Mustang tail lights.

      10 months ago
    • LOL. Takes a ton of guts to say stuff like that on Mach - E forums but I agree with you. It's a horrendous automotive mistake. And I still can't believe the fact that Bill Ford agreed to do this, despite the fact that he didn't like it.

        10 months ago
    • There is already a Mach E forum? Must be full of Mums on their way to school, messaging at the wheel while dropping off their little angels!

        9 months ago