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Here are Tesla's plans for the future...

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Tesla wants to remain the leader in electric cars, despite the increasing competition in this booming market. To resist the historical manufacturers, Tesla must innovate to maintain its lead. Elon Musk took the opportunity to provide the first information on the future of the brand.

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An increasing driving range

"The charging time will be reduced and then 400 miles can be covered on a full charge". Elon Musk weighs his words and intends to stay well ahead of his opponents in this field which is the sinews of the war. Tesla technicians are currently working on the battery modules and the update could arrive at the end of the year.

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New models

When you look at Tesla's schedule, you will notice the launch of two new models. The first, already known, is the compact SUV Model Y. The second, totally new, is a pickup truck. The second generation of the Roadster is also expected. Introduced in 2017, the car will only be available for sale in 2020. According to Musk, these dates are due to the fact that the brand "manages the launch of products according to the production volume of the batteries".

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An optimal level of autonomous driving

As you know, the Californian brand is developing its own autonomous driving software, the best according to Tesla. "All cars manufactured since October 2016 are able to guarantee full range. To do this, all you have to do is implement new software in the on-board computer. All that is missing now is government authorization," Musk said.

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An upcoming arrival in Europe

Tesla also intends to open a brand new headquarters in Europe dedicated to the manufacture of cars and batteries. However, we do not know when and where this future headquarters will be built. If this were to be confirmed, the Californian brand's European headquarters could set up in Germany, also providing an opportunity to build the first Tesla factory on the Old Continent.

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