Here are the 10 most reliable family SUVs you can buy right now!

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The humble Kia Sportage is the most reliable family SUV on the market according to an owner survey in the UK. Consumer magazine WhatCar? polled 18,000 people about what it's like to own their cars, with disappointing results for some expensive machinery and a hugely popular offering from Nissan.

It is positive news for more affordable SUVs, though. Read on to see the results.

The LEAST reliable family SUV!

The Nissan Qashqai (diesel)

Nissan's best selling car only managed to score a mere 79.9%. The biggest issue that owners had were battery related and out of all the Qashqai owners asked, a huge 47% of diesel cars were reported to have had at least one fault in every single category.

The petrol Qashqai's didn't score much better either, with 46% of them also having issues. Having said that these issues were not as widespread as the diesel cars, although some owners still faced bills of up to £500!

The MOST reliable family SUV!

The Kia Sportage

Only 9% of all of the Kia Sportage owners questioned had a problem with their SUV and they were not even major issues. On the survey the Sportage scored a 97.8%. The only three issues that owners had were to do with the brakes, sat-nav and exhaust. Most cars were still driveable though and fixed in under a week. Having said that, some owners did pay bills of up to £300.

See the full breakdown below.

The 10 most reliable family SUVs:

1. Kia Sportage - 97.8%

2. Audi Q3 petrol - 97.3%

3. Peugeot 3008 - 96.9%

4. Seat Ateca - 96.7%

5. Kia Sportage (2010-2016) - 95.5%

6. Renault Kadjar - 94.6%

7. Hyundai Tuscan - 92.8%

=8. BMW X1 - 92.3%

=8. Volkswagen Tiguan (2007-2016) - 92.3%

10. Volkswagen Tiguan (2016-Present)

All the way at the bottom in 16th place is the Nissan Qashqai and slightly further up in 14th is the Audi Q3 diesel. It is also intersting to note that the older VW Tiguan is rated higher by its owners than the newer model.

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