Here are the 10 strangest cars from the 2020 Beijing Motor Show

Images from Auto China 2020 have been released, and there are some interesting cars in the mix.

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The annual Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has just begun, and editorial images have been released for keen international viewers. Here are the coolest, weirdest and whackiest cars to be seen on display.

10. Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign

We start the list off with a car you've all seen before - one of 50 limited-run units of the Italdesign Nissan GT-R. With a price of over $1.6 million AUD ($1.1 million USD), this incredibly rare GT-R variant makes 530kW of power (710hp) from it's familiar 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged VR38DETT engine.

09. Bestune B70

A branch of China's First Automobile Works (FAW), Bestune has released their newest iteration of the flagship B70 fastback, drastically improving its design from the previous Mazda-based saloon. No longer looking like an early 2000s Hyundai, the new upmarket saloon shares a similar front end design to the Fiat Tipo with Cadillac style headlights.

The new B70 is much larger than its predecessor, utilising a 1.5 litre turbocharged engine producing 126kW (169hp), and both a Japanese Aisin 6-speed automatic and a regular 6-speed manual available.

08. Hyundai Prophecy

Hyundai's electric concept car was meant to debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, however after cancellation, the reveal was made online and is now on display in Beijing. It's called the Prophecy - and it looks rather futuristic.

Sharing design cues with the Porsche Taycan, the Prophecy EV features "pixelated" headlights, no steering wheel, and a striking low-slung rear end. There are no specifications available, but some sources claim that Hyundai is planning to release an EV in 2021 sharing the same name as this concept to replace the Ioniq EV.

07. Hongqi E-HS9

State-famed and world-contentious luxury carmaker Hongqi has brought along a fully-electric full-sized luxury SUV in production guise, ready to hit the streets of China. A large vertical grille and small headlights are a striking design combination that has been popular around with many automakers around the globe, most notably with BMW's X7 and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The E-HS9 is powered by two electric motors, resulting in 160kW (215hp) at the front axle and 220kW (295hp) at the rear, combined to make a staggering 380kW (510hp) and 710Nm of torque. No other performance figures are recorded, but we're sure that this electric SUV is no slouch.

06. Human Horizons HiPhi X

A cross between an SUV and compact MPV, the HiPhi X is a new six-seater, six-door full-size CUV from premium all-electric brand HiPhi, and it's ready for production. Previewed by the HiPhi 1 in July, the customer variant strikes attention with split rear suicide doors and overhead gullwings, boasting similar form to Tesla's Model X, but vastly different functionality.

Powering this strange CUV is a Bosch electric motor, which in base form produces 200kW (268hp), sending power to the rear wheels for a maximum range of 630 kilometres. High-performance all-wheel drive variants will also be available.

05. Polestar Precept

One of our personal favourites on the list, Sino-Swedish Polestar's Precept concept. A four-door high-performance saloon ready to take on the Model S and Taycan, the Precept missed it's Swiss debut earlier in the year, but has made it to Beijing with a new official announcement about production.

The Precept will be going into production at Volvo's carbon-neutral production facility in China, but no technical specifications have been made public. We do know however that the car will be integrated with Google's Android OS, with a powerful computer capable of facial recognition and delivering driver-oriented information.

04. GAC Enpulse

A stand-out roadster at the show, GAC Motor has brought along a new all-electric sports car - a first for the brand, as they have previously solely focused on production family cars. A bold and original design, GAC announced that the convertible will have a hard metal roof and a 'gaming mode', which apparently likens driving the car to driving in a video game.

No technical specifications are available and no word is available about the car entering production.

03. VOYAH iLand

An interesting car with an equally interesting name, the upstart VOYAH brand has revealed the iLand concept, which looks to be a designer's love-child between the Cadillac Elmiraj and Maserati Alfieri. Almost nothing is known about the car from a Google search, however we do know that the iLand name represents intelligent, Luxury, Autonomous, Nature and Delicate.

A new subsidary from Dongfeng Motor Company, VOYAH has it's name derived from voyage, and the iLand features stunning gullwing doors and built-in level 3 self-driving capabilities. We're unsure if this car will make it to production, however there are a few other VOYAH models including an SUV planned to enter the consumer market in 2022.

02. Great Wall Futurist

A Chinese marque that you probably have heard of, Haval's Great Wall manufactures and sells basic SUVs and utes in the Australian market - but their latest creation is anything but that. A mix between a LADA, Ford Fusion/Mondeo and a BMW 2002, the concept car is likely to remain a concept, however we can't help but look at this jumbled creation. Small proportions with a tiny C-pillar, retro Soviet styling, rounded rally fogs, Alpina-esque wheels, the lack of door handles, and to top it all off - suicide doors (are fancy doors a new fad?) make this car a true one-of-a-kind.

Sources state that the Futurist was designed by a former Land Rover designer, and it's based on Haval's newly established 'Lemon' platform which supposedly can be fitted with every type of powertrain available including internal combustion, hybrid, fuel-cell and full-electric setups. The Futurist itself uses the EV setup with 700 kilometres of range and level 3 autonomy.

01. Songsan Motors SS Dolphin

Here we present to you the original Chevrolet Corvette C1, except it's not manufactured by General Motors. This is the SS Dolphin, manufactured by Chinese up-start Songsan Motors, and has clearly been designed in-house by talented designers. That was sarcasm, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the entire car from all sides has been made to resemble the iconic 1958 Corvette, with a removable hard-top and four LED headlights - albeit smaller than those found on the Corvette.

Under the bonnet, the car is powered by a puny 1.5 litre turbocharged engine with plug-in hybrid functionality, replacing the small-block V8 found in the Corvette. This allows for a 0-100km/h figure of just 4.9 seconds through a BYD powertrain, and the electric motor allows for up to 100 kilometres of full-electric range.

This is perhaps the strangest car at the Beijing Motor Show this year.

What do you think of these cars?

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Comments (81)

  • To be honest the Great Wall looks cool

      7 months ago
  • But I would actually buy the Futurist...

      7 months ago
  • I see some really awesome cars for the future right there!

    And a ripoff Cullinan

    And a ripoff Volvo

    But yay they nearly all look exceptional.

      7 months ago
    • Technically Polestar isnt a rip off Volvo. The Chinese owner of Polestar bought Volvo, i believe. If im not mistaken. 🤔 so technically theyre the same company now.

        7 months ago
    • Oh no I didnt mean the Polestar I meant the Bestune just reminds me of some car and i wasnt quite sure what, I said Volvo in the end cuz of the straightness and all that.

        7 months ago
  • To be honest I want a Great Wall! It would have everyone stopping to have a look.

      7 months ago
  • Why does the Great Wall Futurist looks like if a Mustang & a Lada had a baby together

      7 months ago
    • Maybe this is how they make them? Put on some sexy music, light a couple scented candles, and leave the Mustang and Lada alone together behind a locked door for few hours..? 😉😂🙊

        7 months ago