Here Are The 7 Game Changing Supercars Of The 60s - Part 1

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    Don't you guys think we are at the peak of super cars? I mean if you just think about it, we have the most advanced cars in the world, the current Holy Trinity consists of the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche 918! Cars such as Koenigsegg and Bugatti break records almost every day! These cars are indeed at their peak, it’s time to look back down at the originals, the ones that started it all, and see how far we’ve come in time. The car world has changed a lot! This article and series I am doing will take a look at the super cars that defined an era, one decade at a time, now continuing with the super cars in the ’60s. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

    Lamborghini Miura

    We have to start off with the original supercar that started it all. The iconic and legendary Lamborghini Miura came out in the 60s, and it still leaves a huge mark in the supercar world. It Is still classified by most as the first super car ever. The Lamborghini Miura is an amazing supercar produced by the iconic Lamborghini automaker between 1966 and 1973, which was such a car ahead of its time, making it a huge gamechanger. This special car was the first supercar with a rear mid-engined two-seat layout. It might look aerodynamically substantial, but actually it isn't really that aerodynamic. When going a certain high speed you can also feel the front of the car lift.

    The Lamborghini Miura and the P400 SV has one of the most beautiful clean, simple and stunning curvy shape anyone has ever seen. With the bull shaped doors to represent Lamborghini and the beautiful sleek shape, this car is not only ahead of its time, but it's a stunner as well. It didn't change the game for the 60s only, it changed the game for every single generation, paving the way for all supercars and generations to come. The mid-engine V-12 Miura, rebranded, reshaped and help make the Lamborghini brand the way it is now. Marcello Gandini designed this beautiful car's gorgeous shape. No car could ever be on the level of the legendary Miura, other supercars shouldn't even be in the presence of the Miura, the performance and specifications of this car is out of this world. This is the game-changing legend.

    Engine: 3.9 litre, V12

    Power: 350 bhp

    Torque: 367 Nm / 271

    1965 Ford GT40 Mk1

    The 60s have a lot of special and significant moments, it could be music, fashion entertainment, but the cars have out shined all of that. If you remember 1965-1966 you remember the Le Mans, you must remember when Enzo Ferrari pissed off Henry Ford II, and when Ford took the challenge to beat Ferrari in the most famous and dangerous race at the time, the 24 hours Of Le Mans. When the American brand recruited motoring genius and former racer Carroll Shelby to build a race car, he took the challenge and transformed it not only into an astonishing race car but an iconic car as well. The 1965 Ford Gt40 Mk1 or "Mark 1", was supposed to be a recreation of the iconic GT40 race car, it is a superformance car. It was made to dominate on the road and the track, and it did. Its "big brother" changed the racing game forever, and is remembered as one of the best race cars and one of the most beautiful cars in the world, until they made a number of production cars, which also stole our petrol head hearts.

    The stunning Ford GT40 MK1 is a quality re-creation of the original that beat Ferrari and finished first in the Le Mans, it is basically the same car but for road use as well. Although, there is one big difference, Ford had to reduce the 4.7-liter engine to “only” 306 horsepower, which gives the car less power, but really the car is not short on power. Sadly, it had some mechanical limitations, but overall it is a great car and it looks great too. The MKII was a much better model fortunately. This car gave people their first taste of how a race car is and should be.. It was a race car, but it was road legal as well. The Ford GT40 MK1 is a gorgeous and rare game changing car.

    1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

    Ferrari 250 GTO (1962) - 3987GT –

    Ferrari 250 GTO (1962) - 3987GT –

    Money comes into a big play with many cars, especially supercars, especially this car. The absolutely stunning Ferrari 250 GTO is a car that exudes art and class. Ferrari stepped up their game a lot with this masterpiece, it defines 60s car design and perfection. The 1962 250 GTO was produced by the prominent Ferrari company from 1962 to 1964, it was actually built for homologation into the FIA's Group 3 Grand Touring Car racing category, but its mostly known for its looks. It holds the current record for the world's most expensive car in the world. Which was set in June 2018 when it was sold to a private owner for a whopping $70 million. Yes, you heard that right, $70 million dollars, that price is absolutely ridiculous, this supercar is stunning and definitely eye candy, but for that certain price it is absolutely absurd and laughable.

    Designed by Giotto Bizzarrini and Sergio Scaglietti, this well known car was mostly built for the purposes of art and grand touring, this car is art and it shows off a beautifully balanced design. Every car designer, manufacturer, engineer knows how beautifully made this car was, it really changed the game for most designers ideas and designs. The engine came from the racing Tipo 168/62 Comp. 3.0 L V12 that was also used in the Wining 250 Testa Rossa, for the Le Mans. It was obviously not built for an everday car, it is not practical for that. It's not the certain car you would really want to drive everyday. Old cars are stunning to look at, but some are a nightmare to drive.

    Maximum power - Output - Horsepower: 300 PS

    Engine Alignment: Longitudinal

    Engine type - Number of cylinders: V 12

    Displacement: 3.0 Litre

    Fuel type: Petrol

    1962 289 Shelby Cobra Mk1

    1962 289 Shelby Cobra MkI

    1962 289 Shelby Cobra MkI

    While all the other automakers were fighting with each other, Carroll Shelby was making history. Now when the Cobras starting getting into the game, Carroll wanted to make more and more. Ford supplied the AC Cobra with a new small block and 4.7–liter V8, and due to this car being a racing chassis, not even 100 models were made. Carroll set out to make cars that were not disgraces, and they were never, he set out to make powerful beasts, and this certain model was definitely a poweful beast. Shelby succeeded in every aspect, putting a huge engine in a small car and calling it a day, he knew what he was doing. The Cobras really changed the racing and car community for the better, they are game changing cars, and many car enthusiasts would do anything to see an original. With many kits and recreations being made, if you even see an original on the street you won't even think it's real, well... it's unlikely you would ever see one on the street, with an average price tag of over $1million people who own them would not want to drive them. It might not have the highest top speed, but with a body so light and an engine so powerful, this cars acceleration and noise is like no other. It is a remarkable and successful run that gave the AC and the Cobras its well known reputation.

    Horsepower: 300

    Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 5.8 seconds

    Engine: 289-cid. 4.7L V-8

    Top Speed: 134 mph

    Current Estimated Value: $1,400,000+

    Porsche 911

    Porsche 911 Turbo

    Porsche 911 Turbo

    The original German game changing Porsche 911 is a high performance rear-engined sports car made by the iconic Porsche company. The famous, stunning, sleek and classic design car was introduced in 1963. The 911 was produced from 1963 to 1989. This car is the game changer, no other car holds such a famous name, everyone knows the Porsche 911. Even so, the new Porsche's hold the 911 name to date. The Porsche 911 was released and it shook the car game completely. It became such a well known car for its sleek, smooth and sexy body, also outputting amazing performance at the same time. The noise of its flat 6 made us endlessly fall in love with this stunning car. As mentioned before, old cars are stunning to look at, but some are nightmares to drive. Most of them are amazing to drive, and they give a great challenge and emotion, but some have some cons. The Porsche 911 is amazing to drive, but it had some complaints that it was hard to deal and drive with on roads it was built for. Every car has it pros and cons, it might have not preformed well on certain roads, but this car definitely was peaked of great performance, but a few minor complaints doesn't take away of how great this car is. If every car enthusiast was offered this car they would take it in a heartbeat, it owns all of our hearts.

    The successor to the 356 was set to make history, and it has been accepted and known as a genuine and raw Porsche, because of the performance this sports car had. It was so ahead and advanced of its time, it changed the way of thinking in the car community, showing that performance and looks can be both in one package. Porsche 911's have continued for many decades and years, proving how much it is has grown and expanded, with different 911 generations and models. But this certain 911 will always be the most significant of all.

    It has an air-cooled, rear-mounted, 130hp 2.0 L, flat-6 "boxer" engine,

    Five-speed manual "Type 901" transmission

    It had 2+2 seating

    1961 - JAGUAR E-TYPE

    Finally, the best for last, you think I would forgot the most beautiful car in the world? Of course not... The Jaguar E-Type, is a revolutionary, game changing and sensational car. No words are able to explain this absolutely life changing car, once it was released it shook and took the car community by shock and surprise. No one has seen anything more fantastic, extraordinary and this stunning before. Designed by the genius Malcom Sayer, the E-Type is set to be one of if not one of the best cars in the entire globe. Desired by all, drooled over by every car enthusiasts, praised by every designer, racer, and manufacturer. The Enzo Ferrari declared the Jaguar E-Type as the most beautiful car in the world. And coming from the iconic and intelligent man himself, that says a lot. Even though Ferrari and other company's have produced some of the worlds most beautiful and desirable supercars ever, this car is different and incompatible. This car executes art, absolute art. The E-type is pure art... the sleek, elegant and timeless beauty executes complete and utter perfection.

    Engine Location : Front

    Drive Type : Rear Wheel

    Displacement : 3442 cc | 210.0 cu in. | 3.4 L.

    Power : 210 BHP (154.56 KW) @ 5500 RPM

    Torque : 215 Ft-Lbs (292 NM) @ 3000 RPM



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    • Great article, ...

      as always from you. The 250 seams a bit to expensive compared to the others.

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    • Each time I got to the next car on this list, I thought it was the best looking one of the bunch, only for it to be beaten by the next one. So as close a battle as it it, it's the E-Type for me 🤤 Great Article :)

        1 month ago
    • Great article. Did you ever consider the Austin Healey 3000, or is it not exotic enough?

        1 month ago
      • Thank you! And yes, I have considered the Austin for the Part 2 of this series!

          1 month ago
    • Great stuff!

        1 month ago
    • Great list! Love the 289 Cobra as well as the 427!

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