Here are the best Christmas-special car ads of the decade

Can any of these ads convince Santa to buy a car?

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Christmas car adverts have become a menace to no one except Santa’s bunch of reindeer. Throughout the years, we’ve seen car brands trying a hand in replacing Santa’s traditional mode of transport with one of their products.

This decade wasn’t any different. Except, by a significant margin. Fortunately for us, brands have learned to deviate from the usual storyboard and experiment with some of the other emotions one experiences on this festive day.

Here are some of the most diverse Christmas ads carmakers have rolled out throughout this decade. And yes, one of them obviously includes the traditional reindeer replacing storyline. How can we miss that!

Audi’s Christmas Special (2017)

Kicking things off with a one-on-one battle. Although this battle isn’t as traditional as a drag race, I believe the audience won’t mind the fill-in. Kudos to Audi for coming up with something as relatable as a car park fight for the lone spot. Most of us must’ve faced this once at least. Only if we all could relate to the RS or get ourselves one.

Mercedes’ Not Another Christmas Video (2018)

Speaking of deviating from the traditional plot, Mercedes-AMG took it rather seriously. And AMG being the typical crazy AMG, things turned out rather racy. We see the new-gen A-Class being thrashed around a track, adorning a camouflaged livery as the new version wasn’t revealed yet.

BMW’s Fastest Christmas Song in the World (2013)

If AMG knows how to decimate a racetrack, BMW knows how to slide around it with some passengers. Taking aid from an Acapella group, BMW ventured into making something nobody else tried - making the fastest Christmas song. While the DTM racer drifted his way through the corners, the Acapella group struggled to keep both, their rhythm and the food they had before entering the car.

Audi Presents New Santa (2018)

The traditional reindeer replacing advert is here. And mercifully, Audi didn’t just showcase its products as a drool-worthy machine. Except it did just that. But then, out of all people, it made even Santa work for it. Santa had to toil and break a sweat, that too in winters, to get in shape for his new set of wheels. But boy does that RS5 Sportback look wicked in red!

Lamborghini’s True Christmas story (2019)

Equivalent to what its cars evoke in us, Lamborghini tried to arouse those exact same emotions via this advert. Getting the nine-year-old out of us is something Lamborghini does best, but here, it even managed to surprise one. Visualising a touching yet true story, Lamborghini evokes all those fragments of passion that made us fall in love with cars in the first place. Heart-warming.

Mercedes’ Picture of Santa (2019)

Anybody can be blackmailed. According to Mercedes, Santa is obviously included in the everybody list. And who best to coerce Santa Claus than a child. Catching Santa red-handed, the child was smart enough to get himself a hell of a deal. Although the father didn’t seem much impressed, I believe he would be going gaga on the inside.

Audi’s Let’s Change the Game (2016)

Taking a dig at sexism, the German carmaker had to resort to animation to convey their message. But it is more like a mix between Frozen-like characters situated in a toy store which seems under some kind of Night in the Museum spell. By the end of it, the advert showcases its little social message while making the audience realise - the key to that change still lies with us.

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  • Are you angry, a fat American or a transgender Barbie? Buy an Audi 😜

      1 year ago
  • Most of all I love toys life....

      1 year ago
  • Some lovely adverts in there.

      1 year ago
    • Oh totally! Loved Audi's new Santa and the Lamborghini ad! 🎅🏻🔥

        1 year ago
    • Audi’s new Santa is is probably my favourite. Change the game is quite powerful too.

        1 year ago
  • This was a great piece.

      1 year ago
  • I noticed a trend with the Audi being the best ones

      1 year ago