Now, Jeremy Clarkson as you know has owned his fair share of epic cars over the years and by being a motoring journalist it is only natural for him to truly experience them first hand.

Ford Escort Cosworth

Back in 1993, Clarkson owned an Escort.... Cosworth which is a truly cool car. You don't see too many of these around these days which is a shame but they are often thought of as one of the greatest hot hatches.

Jaguar XJ6

A little more up Clarkson's street is the stunning XJ6 which has a 4.2L straight six motor which he bought a year later and would allow the very busy man to travel in style to his next destination.

Jaguar XJR 4.0

Even better suited to the power thirsty Clarkson is the XJR 4.0 which at the time produced 370 bhp.

Ferrari 355

In 1996, Clarkson bought his very first Ferrari which happened to be a 355, a stunning one. He initially contemplated getting it in blue but then came to the sensible conclusion that when speccing a Ferrari you have to get it in the classic red on tan leather combo. He is certainly right.

Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon

Clarkson is never really the sensible man but to own a Land Cruiser is an excellent decision. I truly admire these cars and think they are great. There is noting a Land Cruiser cannot do. Or is there?... Nope, it can do literally anything you ask of it.

Mercedes SL55 AMG

Some may argue that the SL55 was an early midlife crisis for Clarkson but with almost 500 bhp, it is certainly a show stopper.

Ford GT

As i'm sure you all know, Mr. Clarkson owned a Ford GT back in the day. The world's most impractical supercar. For him to fit in this was one thing, driving it around London must have been a completely different ball game.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

A very bold yet awesome move by Jeremy here when owning a Gallardo Spyder. I remember when he put this up head to head against the R8 spyder. The Lambo won my heart over by a mile.

Mercedes Benz 600 Grosser

One of the prettiest cars ever? The 600 Grosser is such a stunning car and will continue to be one of the greatest classic Mercedes of all time.

Mercedes CLK63 Black Series

Another absolute brute of a car was owned by an absolute brute of a man. The CLK Black Series is a monstrous 6.2L V8 powered machine. In fact, Jeremy said, "It is not a joke. Like everything to come out of the Fatherland since it was formed in 1871, it is utterly and deadly serious."

Alfa Romeo GTV6

The best sounding car of all time? The GTV6 was known for its raspy exhaust tone so therefore it makes perfect sense for Clarkson to own one as he too admires them very much.


It is rumoured that he once owned a 3.0 CSL which when in its prime was a true show stopper, and still is to this day. They are worth a considerable amount today.

Ford Focus

While you may think it's all glamour and fast cars, Clarkson did have a Ford Focus at one point which is a very sensible car and very unlike Jezza.

Which is your favourite car Clarkson has owned?

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