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Here are the craziest modifications of the Tesla Cybertruck!

For those who find the initial design too conservative...

1y ago

Elon Musk takes risks and plays big for his Cybertruck. The design, new and particularly complicated, has not yet finished to make people react. This audacity could end in a bitter failure. But sometimes, however, this is a good sign and can predict a huge success. In any case, the Blade Runner style of the Cybertruck does not leave anyone indifferent.

In fact, for a production launch, only the windscreen wipers and mirrors are missing. As for the rest, the epic design of the Cybertruck seems ready to go! But for some graphic designers, there was a way to do better and give the Cybertruck an even more spectacular look.

As proof, a significant wave of Cybertruck rendering is currently breaking out on the Internet. Graphic designers display their interpretation of the Tesla pickup truck. Some simply correct bodywork lines that are too strict while others make real transformations. These creations are at the very least audacious...

Examples include a raised off-road version of the Cybertruck, a lowered sporty version or a six-wheeled version such as the Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6. One person even made a Hoonigan Cybertruck that would be driven by Ken Block for the Gymkhana! Obviously, there is no chance that these renderings will see the light of day, because they are just insane.

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Comments (12)

  • They don’t look to bad at all besides the white Cybertruck, the white one looks ugly but the rest are cooler than the stock truck.

      1 year ago
  • I would love to see a Hoonigan cybertruck, someone please tell Ken Block

      1 year ago
  • At last something only a distant relative of the DeLorean (cool at conception) and arguably now a new unique is here.

    Flat stainless panels boldly arranged are simply awesome and dictate much of the style. Designer Franz is first in conjunction with futurist Elon, to introduce this new design concept for the masses, quite a swerve from the other Teslas he’s designed.

    The minor recent tweaking by Elon, of his original Cybertruck design is positive. There may be more. Some designers (images published) have put forward a flat section for the roof from the screen top edge towards the rear, not very long , but enough to diminish the arguably harsh transition of the screen top to the slopes roof.

    Other offered variations with curved intersection of panels, arguably break the rules the stainless sets.

    However, the writing is on the wall. This Ute is fresh, bold, original, challenging, practical and finally a release from the imitative, homogenous, boring car/Ute/SUV designs we have been plagued with, as fresh design disappeared swamped by conformity and crushing individuality.

    Tesla rules, period.

      11 months ago
  • This one has to be the best! 😂

      1 year ago
  • To be brutally honest, I seriously like this car strictly as a concept/digital render. Seeing it in our world just looks absurd.

      1 year ago