Here are the highlights from my Lotus-orientated AMA

Last Friday was a bit special for me - I got to collect my Lotus Esprit 350 Sport after treating it to a cosmetic restoration by the guys at Topaz Detailing. And now I have my occasionally reluctant, often overlooked but always glorious little wedge-shaped slice of childhood Bond dream back.

Glossing over the fact that it has the gearbox from a Renault and a crappy radio from the era when a hundred little buttons on the fascia wasn't enough even if you needed a pin to push them, many people say it is the greatest Esprit. I certainly do.

To mark the new lease of life given to my Lotus, we decided to open up an 'Ask Me Anything' chat through DriveTribe's chat channels so that you could ask whatever the hell you liked.

Keeping away from crash questions, here's some highlights from what you asked, relayed through James May in the passenger seat:

1. What do you think about the return of TVR?

"I'd like them to be back, Trevors on the road; it's good!"

2. How many more seasons of the Grand Tour are you planning to do?

"We don't know, we just work on whatever one we're working on at any given time, we can't say any further into the future than that - it's too scary and difficult."

3. Is James May irritating you yet?

"'Yet' implies that there was a point when he wasn't irritating me. For him to start irritating me he would have had to have stopped. So yes of course he is, it's constant."

4. Do you listen to music on the radio while driving?

"Lots of music - I like listening to Tom Waites, J.J. Cale, BB King, Trombone Shorty - a wide variety of stuff."

5. What is your favourite Hyundai?

"Scoupe - I actually quite liked those, the second one"

6. How's your leg Hamster?

"My leg is good thank you, it bends and hinges and has full range of movement, the disappointing thing is I can't run. That's a big loss for me."

7. What is your favourite filming location?


8. Lotus Esprit or TVR Tuscan Speed 6?

"I would go Lotus Esprit personally but I do like the TVR Tuscan Speed 6 - very interesting car."

9. Honda RC30 or RC45?

"A lot of people say RC45 but I'll say RC30."

10. Is your insurance now more expensive that a 17 year old's?

"The insurers are not pleased, that was a tricky phone call."

Anyway, that's enough of that. If you want to watch the full video of the live stream which contains plenty more questions submitted by you all, here it is:

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