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Here are the latest details on the upcoming Car Trek 4!

The boys are back in town!

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Every good thing has a sequel. Sometimes that sequel ends up not living up to the expectations of the original or be much, much worse. When talking about the YouTube series Car Trek, however, it has improved with every sequel.

If you’ve been keeping up with Tyler Hoover, Ed Bolian, or Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez on social media, then you’ll know that Car Trek 4 is on its way, with a release date scheduled for May of this year!

Image courtesy of @sidebproductions

Image courtesy of @sidebproductions

Knowing this, I couldn’t help but try to get you guys pumped for the release so with Ed’s go-ahead, here is the latest information we know about Car Trek 4 along with some super exclusive pictures that I totally didn’t get from the production company's Instagram profile. Promise.

Filming for the 4th season finished on Sunday, March 7th after eight days of filming. Judging by the locations on the posts, it seems it took place in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. If this turns out to be true, eight days of filming is actually pretty short when you consider how long it takes to move between three states so props to Side B Productions for that one! Now a lot of you are here because you want to know what cars the boys got and lucky for you, I have all the deets.

Ed bought a beautiful gray 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano that by the looks of it, stayed in one piece throughout the filming. On Tyler’s side is a 1994 Ferrari 456GT that he imported from Dubai, of all places. If you want to know more about that car, he made a video all about what it took to get it here and some of the issues he had along the way.

Last, and by the looks of it definitely least, is Freddy’s ride. He bought a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB that didn’t fare as well as the other two cars. By the end of filming, the 308 seemed to be missing a door and was seen on the side of the road at least twice. Can’t wait to see what went wrong with that one.

As for guest appearances, it looks like the Car Wizard, John Ficarra, and Jared Pink are all back in action! The Car Wizard and Jared Pink made their latest appearance in Car Trek 3 while John Ficarra was seen in Car Trek 2 as the gang's appraiser of their questionable supercars.

Image courtesy of @sidebproductions

Image courtesy of @sidebproductions

Look out for Car Trek 4 coming out to a YouTube channel near you in May! Who knows, we might even be able to secure you guys an early preview of the first episode when the date gets closer. Stay tuned to find out!

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