The automotive industry consists of numerous brands that make hundreds of thousands of examples of several models, each with own varieties of features, so while some of these combinations may be incredible, they may not be reliable, and some of them may be costly when things go wrong. Consumer Reports has access to hundreds of thousands of drivers who voluntarily report their experiences in their annual reliability survey, and this is the list for the least reliable vehicles of 2019. The reliability score will be shown next to each entry.

#10: Chevrolet Traverse 18/100

I personally like the Traverse, I recently drove a base-level model from my house to Atlantic City and thought that it behaved wonderfully on the highway, and I thought that GM's infotainment was pretty straightforward, but issues with the powertrain and relatively costly repairs on a value-oriented vehicle left buyers with a lot to be desired, especially when High Country models can sticker for over $50,000.

#9: Chrysler Pacifica 16/100

Seeing a Chrysler on this list doesn't surprise me anymore, but in this case, the Pacifica has had rave reviews, especially the Pacifica Hybrid for it's zero-emission driving, but issues with the ZF transmission, and lackluster interior components have apparently left owners with buyer's remorse, and used Pacificas are starting to show up on used car lots for thousands less than comparable minivans.

#8: Tesla Model X 15/100

The Tesla Model X is a spaceship that has been punished to serve a population of road users. This falcon-winged iPhone with wheels is a jack of all trades and a master of none. It is incredibly fast but only for short periods of time, it has a whole bunch of technology that works on occasion and it is futuristic while also looking like a top heavy jelly bean at certain angles. If Tesla could make the Model X more reliable, it would be one of the greatest vehicles on the road, but not being able to perform its long list of tricks reliably makes the Model X nothing more than a six-figure paperweight.

#7: Acura MDX 15/100

I genuinely had to make sure I was looking at the right list of vehicles when I saw the Acura MDX on the list of the LEAST reliable vehicles, as this slightly reskinned Honda Pilot couldn't possibly be unreliable, and after a quick Google search, I was sadly mistaken. A disappointing interior, and a remapped version of Honda's nine-speed automatic have been left a pretty big scar on the Internet. Acura's A-Spec models also don't have what it takes to compete with other fully loaded luxury SUV's from Infiniti and Buick. That's a shame.

#6: Volkswagen Tiguan 15/100

Volkswagen is hanging on by a thread in the Post Dieselgate US, and seeing the Tiguan (and another VW) on CR's naughty list is something that Simon & Garfunkel can't fix. The Tiguan has a weak engine for its size, and poor fuel economy. Add in Volkswagen's less than stellar engine reliability, and the Tiguan's forgettable...well...everything, and it's a recipe for disaster, with a side of bad emissions. Hopefully VW hits the ground running with it's EVs and we can all just pretend that vehicles like the Tiguan never existed, unless you're one of the people who forgot that this thing still existed.

#5: Volkswagen Atlas 13/100

Volkswagen owns the middle of the pack of least reliable vehicles, which only reinforces my point from the Tiguan about how Volkswagen has become so forgettable. The Atlas found its way onto this list because of an unrefined powertrain and cheap plastics in the interior. The Atlas does an average job of being a quasi-minivan, except it pales in comparison to the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9.

#4: Alfa Romeo Giulia 13/100

On top of hiliariously low sales in the executive car market, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is in the world's worst middle ground, and I almost feel bad for it. The turbocharged four-cylinder doesn't have enough power to justify its price tag, whereas FCA's High-Output Pentastar V6 would've been a great middle ground between the Ti and the Quadrafoglio. Alfa's history of woeful reliability and lackluster interior quality help round out the list of negatives about this truly gorgeous Italian stallion.

#3: Jeep Wrangler 12/100

Consumer Reports uses the Jeep Wrangler as the poster child for vehicles that can be absolutely terrible and still a riot to own. Consumer Reports cites issues with the transmission as well as the questionable reliability and fuel economy of the new EcoDiesel, as the previous engine was under investigation for cheating fuel economy and emissions ratings. Still, the Wrangler offers an experience that is unique to the Jeep brand, and if you don't understand it, then you aren't a Jeep person, nuff said.

#2: Chevrolet Camaro 5/100

Let's face it, Chevrolet hasn't had the best start to this generation of the Camaro. From immediately launching a new front bumper for the Camaro SS to being outsold by the ancient Dodge Challenger, this absolutely horrible 5 out of 100 is the icing on the cake of disappointment. Fuel economy and a cramped backseat are just the tip of an iceberg that customers are becoming increasingly fed up with.

#1: Chevrolet Colorado 4/100

GM took last place this year with the Chevrolet Colorado, scoring a 4 out of 100, which may be the worst rating in the history of Consumer Reports. The lackluster gas engines, and now much stiffer competition in the compact truck market, make the Colorado fall behind in the pack, while poor fuel economy and a lack of most modern safety equipment make for a new vehicle that already feels outdated.

The Takeaway

With most of this data coming from ordinary drivers as well as the CR test team, this list is incredibly reliable in and of itself. If your favorite car isn't on this list, it might be on this list's goody two-shoes twin, the 10 Most Reliable Cars.

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