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Believe it or not, smart robots or in layman’s terms, talking robots are here. While they might not be the in the most advanced and user-friendly guise at the moment, they are operational nevertheless. So, while the engineers go on to develop versions of them that’ll eventually take over the world, let’s that a look at the robots that are available on the market and claimed to be under the control of humans.

Beam by Suitable Tech

I deliberately choose this as my first option, keeping our current situation in mind. Built for people who prefer to have a virtual person (sort of) moving around them rather than holding their phones up in these home-confined times, the Beam System could be all the communication-centric robot you’ll ever need.

Claimed to transform human interaction, this two-HDR-cameras, multiple microphones and LCD screen equipped mobility machine is programmed to follow the user around to resemble an in-person conversation. A battery backup of up to 8 hours is offered to help you talk the night away, almost. However, if you’re thinking of taking this device along for your morning run, it’ll be a task for the 2mph maximum speed of the machine. But a conversation by the living room should work wonders with this.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit by littleBits

How many times we have yearned for a robot from the sci-fi movie as soon as we left the theatre. It appears littleBits might have capitalised on the exact same thought when it came up with this R2-D2 resembling Star Wars Droid robot. Now, making millennials watch Star Wars and relate to it should be a lot easier.

But this robot isn’t a marketing stunt by the sci-fi franchise. Instead, this robot works a lot like LEGO where users have to build the object themselves, so you’re made aware of the Frankenstein you’re creating. It is controlled by a smartphone app which further requires you to complete tasks or ‘missions’ with the Droid to make it learn new tricks such as self-navigation, responding to gestures or even a fist bump. But the highlight of it has to be its collection of STEM activities for children. Could solving scientific problems get more cinematic for kids?

Zenbo by ASUS

More like an assistant to family members, this Zenbo robot is quite an all-rounder. It is equipped to handle both ends of the human spectrum - elderly and adolescents. Not only will it watch over the elders and timely remind them of medicine time, but it can also be an assistant teacher and conduct storytelling sessions while also doubling up as an AI educator.

Powering this device is an Android software, with which it also gets a 3D camera and multiple sensors making it prone to touch and avoiding collisions or falling. Measuring at just over 2ft of height, the Zenbo shall be a great smart companion to keep the children, as well as the elderly, looked after and occupied.

Vector by Anki

Do not get fooled by its digger truck looks. This Anki Vector smart robot is a lot more intelligent than uprighting your shoes or picking over the clothes on the floor behind you. The company claims its more of a companion, capable of talking sports, celebrity, science, weather, timing your dinner, taking your photos and even trading cards with you.

It fits quite snuggly, within the palm of your hand, while possessing some advanced AI technology that allows it to see, hear, think, feel, communicate and even self-charge. In essence, the Vector is a personal companion with animated eyes and only the necessary capabilities as of now. Futuristic updates to this thing could transform it into something a SpyKid would have.

Aido Robot

To give you an idea of the Aido’s classification, Fortune magazine described this robot as “If Siri became sentient and followed you around the house”. In essence, Aido is a multi-talented powerhouse of a robot, capable of aiding you in cooking by suggesting and providing recipes, helping you with your schedule, configuring inputs from medical devices for the elderly as well as teaching and playing with the young ones.

If that’s a regular robot’s task in your head, Aido goes one step further by incorporating social media capabilities along with an onboard projector to extend your Facebook wall on a regular erm….wall. Home security software can also get integrated for safe-keeping, and so can the smart appliances such as lights and thermostat, making Aido your mechanised butler. The only bummer being, shipping for the same is yet to commence.

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  • This is a car website??

      27 days ago
    • Absolutely, you're correct Robert

      But we also have the 'Smart Home' tribe to put out connected tech stuff like this

        27 days ago
  • The day has finally come... there will be robots everywhere and they'll take over the world #killthebot

      21 days ago
    • Absolutely.

      Avengers: age of Ultron could be a possible future except without any Avengers for us

        19 days ago
  • So apart from R2D2 giving me a sex wee I’m confused with the first one. Is that to actually talk to your mate on the phone or for actual Billy no mates who is going to talk to a computer instead. Mind you isn’t that what these are for or for lazy parents who can’t be bothered to spend time with their children, unless of course your kid wants biscuits and your on the news then I can see the benefit

      27 days ago
  • A Robohon that says "Bim, guess what?" Would be neat, lol.

      27 days ago