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I have got to give credit to coronavirus for giving me a better perspective in life. The quarantine period further taught me to be self-reliant. But with no concrete deadline to this lockdown, people may have lost motivation along the way.

Work may have gotten piled up. Self-educating YouTube videos might have been left mid-way. Dishes may have been in the sink for a couple of weeks now. And don’t get me started on house cleaning.

But that’s exactly what I’m going to do - go on about house cleaning. I’m sure you’ll be interested in reading further as this isn’t another self-education piece on how to clean floor corners. Instead, this piece focusses on the machines who can do that work for you, while you sit on that couch and enjoy a cookie.

Like the famous saying, ‘the cleaning must go on’.

Lazy masses, your saviour is here (iRobot Roomba i7+)

If constant quarantining has forced your laziness levels to reach its peak, then look no further. Leave your house cleaning duties to the iRobot Roomba i7+. The most important reason it is on this list and supersedes every other product for being the first option is - maximum self-efficiency. Apart from remembering your house layout via iAdapt technology which it uses to concentrate cleaning on the dirtiest parts of your house, it can empty its dustbin by itself.

Utilising its three-stage cleaning system and sucking up everything minute from hair on the floor to dirt in the carpet, the cleaner can dock itself in its charging station and empty its own dustbin. This act of self-sufficiency can be repeated up to 30 times (about a couple of weeks) before you need to put in a hand and clean out the motherload. Even though it comes with all fancy connected tech including a smartphone app and virtual assistant (read Alexa/Google Assistant) compatibilities, the limitations comprise of the run-time of about 90 minutes on a single charge and a price tag of $800. Not exactly the most affordable cleaner but a highly recommended option to extend your lazying around period.

More pets than people (Neato Botvac D7)

Some people prefer animals over people in their house. And if the presence of pet hair supersedes the dining plate count in your home, you should take a look at this Neato Botvac D7 Connected robot cleaner. Explicitly designed in D-shape to attack those 90-degree corners where pet hair are famed to get accumulated, this robot is capable of skimming those out with ease.

If the tailor-made shape didn’t help its cause, the thoughtfully designed dirt-inlet should serve the purpose as it is developed especially to combat hair clogging. The connected technology on this thing is another deal-breaker. Instead of cameras, it uses laser mapping to scan the house and plan a cleaning layout. Furthermore, users can also draw a restricted boundary area on the device’s connected app to prevent the device from sucking up your children’s toys. A brand new one might stretch your budget but you might pick-up a second-hand one for around $600.

Tiny, frill-free and affordable (Eufy Robovac 11S)

If your life revolves around an apartment with multiple furniture and not-enough slim hands to clean beneath them, this tiny little Eufy Robovac 11S cleaner robot might just work for you. S stands for slim and coupling with a relatively small height of 2.8-inches, this robot cleaner can slide beneath your furniture and return dirt-victorious.

I admit this might not have fancy technology like room mapping or in-built cameras. Still, it does feature a powerful cleaner, serving its primary purpose while being one of the quietest workers in the room. You can get hold of one for under $300, and at that price, this appears to be a no-nonsense robot cleaner which would do its job and sit quietly in the corner after that. Might even give a faint smile if you pet it.

Guardian to the allergic (Ecovacs Deebot N79S)

Did you know that even the process of cleaning can stir up dust in the air? So, does that mean people with an allergy should never clean? Why not! But this Ecovacs Deebot N79S makes them less prone to that stirred up dust. This robot cleaner comes up with a HEPA filter which minimalises pollutants in the air.

Not just that, it has managed to light up the internet with positive reviews stating its powerful suction on carpet and hardwood while carrying a good two-hour battery life. The cleaner further offers a smartphone app and virtual assistant compatibility while getting equipped with specific modes like edge and spot to clean a corner or a particular area, respectively. Doesn’t this look a solid all-rounder already? Plus, did I mention the under-$300 price tag?

Not just clean but deep clean (Dyson 360 Heurist)

This robot cleaner takes the help of technology to improve its primary task of cleaning. Sure the connected tech of smartphone app compatibility is present but other than that, it features eight LEDs in its camera module to see and work in the dark. The processors have been given an upgrade from its earlier iteration and with 10GB of on-board memory, it can process and store much-refined versions of house layouts.

The party piece on this one, however, is its ability to deep clean through carpets. Majority of the robot cleaners aren’t very good with carpet cleaning, and this appears to excel in that area. It features a 212mm brush which spans the machine’s breadth, allowing more cleaning per pass. One can even schedule a time and space for it to clean, but with 70mins of battery life, huge houses might have to charge it mid-way again.

Suck-dust-and-mop-floors (Roborock S5 Max)

Who doesn’t like a multi-purpose product! Especially when it comes in the guise of a cleaner which makes life way easier and erm... cleaner. This Roborock S5 Max can double up as a vacuum cleaner and a mop with a built-in water tank and a washable scrubbing pad.

Adjustable power levels are present for the vacuum cleaner ranging from carpet to hard floor. The same can be said for the floor washer, which comes with different settings for power and mopping levels. Like the other cleaners in this list, even this comes with smartphone app compatibility, scheduling facility and the ease of assigning specific areas to clean. At around $400 retail price, this offers excellent value considering its cleaning with water.

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