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Here in Suzuka to drive this beast; the monstrous fire breathing 1300+hp Williams FW11 as driven manfully by 'Il Leone' himself, Nigel Mansell. The power/weight of this thing exceeds that of current F1 cars by nearly 1300hp/ton as cars of that era weighed only 540kg on low fuel compared to 722kg for today. Incidentally, of the four drivers in the background, I was teamed up with three of them! #F1 #Honda #WilliamsGP #Suzuka #JapaneseGP

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  • Those were the times. Loved Nigel Mansel with his crazy driving (as I can remember being a child...) Were those the 1500cc turbo F1's?

    1 year ago
  • #Honda when they could build engines properly.

    1 year ago


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