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Here is certainly the best replica of the Tesla Cybertruck


1y ago

Its extremely simplistic design has been at the centre of all mockery. Since its revelation, the Tesla Cybertruck continues to be the talk of the town. Internet users continue to publish ever funnier memes. Some love it and some hate it. Anyway, the Cybertruck seems to have already won its bet with a very important number of pre-orders.

But some don't want to wait for their Cybertruck. In Russia, a man has made a functional replica of very high quality. The vehicle, recently seen on the street, was filmed via a video published on Instagram. And the result is extremely successful, to say the least, and perfectly imitates the epic style of the Cybertruck.

The first time you see the vehicle, you notice the LED bar taking up the entire width of the vehicle that forms the taillights. On the other hand, you notice the absence of a bed, which means that technically, this replica cannot be used as a true pickup truck. The very straight roofline and the headlights, which are also composed of a LED bar, are also there.

And unlike another replica of the Cybertruck that was a sensation in the USA, this one is not made of cheap cardboard pieces. The person here has chosen more expensive and classy materials, such as sheet metal. The latter further enhances the authenticity of the vehicle. The only problem with this replica is its size, since in reality the Cybertruck will be much, much bigger!

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  • To reprise an old TG moniker: CARBAGE

      1 year ago
  • It’s like replicating a deformed limb or hideous virus, yeah we can do it, but why the F’k would you want to?!?

      1 year ago