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Here is Estrema Fulminea

It's Italian, there are more than 2000 hp under the hood, and releases 0 CO2 emissions

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Italy is one of the most popular countries when it comes to automobiles, and the country proves it once again.

Automobili Estrema (founded in October 2020 by Fisker co-founder Gianfranco Pizzuto) has just unveiled its 1st project : the Estrema Fulminea.

And this is delirium.

The Fulminea is a 0 emission hypercar.

How ?

The Fulminea will have 4 electric motors developing 1.5 MW of power (i.e. 2,040 hp). The engines will be powered by the "hybrid" battery pack made up of semiconductors and capacitors with a power of 100 kWh, and will therefore emit 0 CO2 emissions.

According to the manufacturer, the Fulminea will go from 0-320 km/h in less than 10 seconds and will have a range of 520 km.

If the manufacturer's data are reliable (the performance data comes directly from Automobili Estrema), the Fulminea will hit a big blow.

In terms of design, it's classic.

The body of the Fulminea is in carbon fiber with aerodynamics favoring speed and driving pleasure.

The weight of the car on the scale is 1500 kg.

It will be produced in 61 units, and will have its homologation for the road.

Estrema Fulminea will arrive at the end of 2023 normally.

Fulminea pictures

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  • Oh yay another hypercarūüėź, like who cares at this point and its electric so it's not as good as the Venom F5, or the SSC Tuatara, or Bugatti Chiron, or any Koinniseg

      2 months ago
    • You are jealous american, what about your industry saled in china by Obama and Trump, what you say?

        2 months ago
    • What about the designer of this car, he was worked for Fisker, why your country fired?

        2 months ago
  • Tbh, 1500kg is pretty good by today‚Äôs standards!

      2 months ago
  • That acceleration would be insane!

      2 months ago