Here is Freddie Mercury's car collection

The legend owned some legendary cars

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One of the most iconic vocalist in history, Freddie Mercury wasn't just a fantastic singer, songwriter and record producer, he also owned throughout his career some great timeless cars, despite not having -initially- a driver's licence.

Here are a few of Freddie's favourite cars he owned.

The Daimler Limousine DS420

Freddie purchased the DS420 when the rock band started to become popular and successful, therefore, he was chauffeured in it, since at the time, he didn't have a driver's licence. The DS420 was used by the royal families from Sweden, Denmark and even the British royal family, but also by the British Government. It was bought by many celebrities and it was a success, mostly because of its price -it cost half as much as an equivalent Rolls Royce. .

The massive limousine was powered by a 4.2 litre straight six. It was the same engine as the one found in the Jaguar XK model. In fact, the car was mostly built by Jaguar, because at the time, Daimler was part of the same group as Jaguar.

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

One of James May's favourite classic luxury limousines was also owned by Freddie Mercury. It was bought as a replacement for the Daimler and the singer kept it until he passed away in 1991. It was equipped with an in-car telephone and a cassette player, these two being the main reasons why he bought it in the first place.

The Silver Shadow came with very high-tech equipment for its time, such as disc brakes and independent suspension. The engines were made by General Motors, putting out between 172hp to 189hp, both of which were V8s. The suspension itself is still advanced even by today's standards. It was bought from Citroen and it used a hydraulic self-leveling system, offering an incredible ride quality.

The Mercedes Benz 420 SEL

The 420 SEL was bought in 1986, and it was used as Freddie's personal daily car. It was Freddie's favourite car he had ever owned. Unfortunately, it ended up in the wrong hands. The new owner didn't take care of it, so it had to be restored a couple of years ago.

Under the bonnet it had a 4.2 litre V8 and it was the long wheel-base version. This car he did drive himself, not just being chauffeured, since he did get his driver's licence.

The Lincoln Town Car

Freddie bought the iconic american luxury saloon in 1981. He bought it simply because he didn't want to rent a car every time he had to go to New York. It was a soft, comfortable and relaxing car to travel in, all Freddie needed for cruising in New York

The Range Rover V8 convertible

Between all the quiet and luxurious limousines, Freddie also had an oddity. He had the convertible Range Rover just for doing exciting adventures, and the V8, that was to spice things up. It was still slow and rather ugly, but that didn't matter to him.

This is a slice of Freddie Mercury's car collection. I hope you enjoyed the article!

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  • Queen is my favourite band and I love cars sooo... this is amazing!

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