Here Is How You Can Get The New Tesla Roadster - For FREE!

This isn't clickbait. It's difficult, but possible!

3y ago


If a company offers me 10% off something when I refer a friend, I don't bother. If the company's really good then I've probably told them already, and if it's not, then I'm not going to bother helping them with their marketing.

When it comes to 10% off of a car however, I could be persuaded...

'Like Tesla', the fastest growing Tesla related YouTube channel, holds the most referrals for the Model S and X in the world. They sent Teslarati (linked below) screenshots of a new unlock on their referral app.


Before, a Tesla owner could gift five friends $1000 off a Model S or X and free supercharging. You could only do this five times. This latest unlock changed the rules:

"You’ve unlocked the first secret level. Refer 5 more friends for the ability to purchase a Founder’s Series next gen Roadster at a 10% discount. Unlock new levels with every 5 referrals for an additional 2% off per referral and amazing adventures that money can’t buy.”

So there you go. A Tesla owner who refers 50 or more people will be eligible for a free Roadster. Difficult, but possible!

The new Roadster is going to be the fastest accelerating car from Tesla so far, with Elon hinting at a 0-60 time of under 2 seconds. I think it could be worth the work.



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  • "with Elon hinting at a 0-60 time of under 2 seconds. I think it could be worth the work." Errrr doesn't look like he was hinting that at all... what he said sounds more like he was hinting that there's no way it will manage a time that fast. you need racing slicks to beat 2.0 seconds to 60, even the Bugatti Chiron can't beat that.

      3 years ago
    • Im glad I wasn't the only one with that reaction, haha. I read it exactly like you did Robert!

        3 years ago
    • If you compensated with a super wide rear tire you might be able to. On a day with perfect temperatures. Creating larger contact patch to make up for the lack of overall grip. But to even come close you'd need the widest and grippiest road tire...

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        3 years ago
  • So do model 3 referrals count, or still only X and S? If 3 counts, then 50 is very doable

      3 years ago
    • Nope, the model 3 will not count . Official Statement = " Related order must be placed between May 19, 2017 and December 31, 2017. Owners with one or more referrals in the previous phase between March 16, 2017 and May 19, 2017 will be eligible...

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        2 years ago